Golden Visa in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 28th September 2023

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Our local lawyers can cover all the legal aspects of the Malaysia investor visa in 2023 for you and help you move to MalaysiaAn individual can get a Malaysia investor visa if he/she invests in real estate or makes a fixed deposit in a Malaysian bank.  The main reason people try to get Malaysian golden visas is due to the tax system in the country. 

How much investment is required for a Malaysia investor visa?

The Malaysia investor visa demands a minimum deposit of USD 125,000, and a monthly income of about USD 2,500. 

Each applicant for Golden Visa for Malaysia needs to deposit a minimum of RM 150,000 if aged 50 or above, or RM 300,000 if aged below 50 years. It is good to note that some of this amount of money can be withdrawn after 1 year if real estate properties are purchased.

This visa procedure will take approximately 3 to 6 months. After getting the Malaysian golden visa, you and your family will be able to live in this country for 10 years. Get in touch with us if you want to immigrate to Malaysia.

Malaysia My Second Home Program allows property purchase in this country, through the Golden Visa scheme. As such, a minimum investment of MR 1 million is the starting point, in the real estate sector. We highlight the fact that the Golden Visa in Malaysia is only available for getting residency in this country, and not citizenship.

Necessary documents for obtaining a golden visa in Malaysia in 2023

Malaysia golden visa is aimed at retirees and investors who want to relocate to Malaysia. Please bear in mind, that this visa does not entitle its holder to be eligible for permanent citizenship or a residency permit. Besides this, a Malaysian investor visa does not allow working in the country, with a certain exception. Find below the list of required documents:
  • health insurance evidence;
  • proof of your net wealth;
  • proof of your net income;
  • your bank statements;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • proof of clean criminal record by providing a police clearance certificate;
  • medical certificate;
  • certified copy of your passport;
  • an authorization letter to verify your financial documents;
  • evidence of purchasing property (if applicable);
  • certified or original copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • certified or original copy of the birth certificate (if applicable);
  • covering letter;
  • salary and job verification letter.
If an investment of RM 1 million is made in Malaysia to obtain residency, an additional RM 50,000 must be paid for each family member of the main applicant. This condition is available if the candidate to invest in Malaysia in exchange for residency is aged 35-49 years.

You can get an idea of documents from the list provided above and get yourself ready to prepare these documents when applying for a Malaysia investor visa. If you need any assistance regarding documentation, our attorneys in Malaysia will guide you. They can help you immigrate to Malaysia.

What are the requirements for a Malaysia investor visa?

An individual must fulfill the following requirements for obtaining a Malaysia investor visa:
  1. police clearance certificate to showcase a clean criminal record from the country of origin;
  2. medical insurance from any valid insurance company in Malaysia;
  3. a medical examination in any registered private clinic or hospital in Malaysia;
  4. a Malaysian sponsor to support the application and place a personal bond of up to RM 2,000 before visa issuance.
If you have any questions related to the requirements for Malaysia golden visa in 2023, you can rely on the legal services of our lawyers in Malaysia. They will help you throughout the visa procedure and provide support if you want to relocate to Malaysia.

What is a Business Visa for Malaysia?

A business visa for Malaysia allows foreigners to develop business-related activities, such as:
  • attending seminars, meetings, business events,
  • signing contracts,
  • concluding business deals, etc.

Those interested in applying for a business visa in Malaysia currently do not have the opportunity to apply online. But they can collaborate closely with one of our lawyers specialized in immigration issues and who can offer specialized legal advice in this endeavor. Thus, in this case, you can apply for a Malaysian tourist visa online, if you are traveling for business purposes. In this case, it is good to specify that Indian citizens can obtain multiple-entry eVisa for Malaysia, with a validity of 30 days for each entry.

On the other hand, those who want to solve certain legal problems in the field of business can collaborate with our corporate lawyer in Malaysia.

Documents for obtaining a business visa in Malaysia

Among the documents required to obtain a business visa in Malaysia, we list:
  • a valid passport for at least 6 months from the arrival date in Malaysia,
  • passport biographical page, and especially a digital image,
  • digital passport-sized photo,
  • bank statements for at least 3 months to prove one can sustain living in Malaysia,
  • proof of accommodation in Malaysia,
  • confirmed return flight tickets.

Conditions for family members of business visa applicant in Malaysia

A benefit for foreign citizens who apply for a business visa in Malaysia is that they can also include family members:
  • wife,
  • children,
  • partners,
  • legally adopted children, up to the age of 34 if single.

In this case, a minimum deposit of approximately RM 50,000 is required, only if one condition is met: the applicant must not be more than 49 years old.

We also recommend that you contact our law office in Malaysia to discover in detail the formalities and procedures for obtaining a visa to enter Malaysia for family members. Our specialists can take care of all the procedures on your behalf.

Advantages of making investments for residency in Malaysia

The benefits of Malaysian residency by investment are quite many, and among them, the following are of interest:
  • Foreigners enjoy the low cost of living in Malaysia, an excellent geographic location for business persons.
  • The offshore tax haven of Labuan is another benefit for foreigners who want to obtain a business visa in Malaysia and enjoy a stable climate, plus a strong economy.
  • Malaysia also signed many double tax agreements with several countries worldwide.
  • There is no inheritance tax in Malaysia.
  • English is the official business language in Malaysia. However, foreigners can communicate in Malay, Indian dialects, and Chinese.
  • Malaysia is known for its solid education and healthcare system.

Why collaborate with our law firm in Malaysia

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Malaysia should consider specialist support from a team with experience in the field. We, therefore, recommend those interested get in touch with our Malaysian immigration lawyers to benefit from the support needed to obtain the necessary documents for immigration to Malaysia. What is good to know in this case is the fact that our lawyers collaborate with the local immigration authorities, which greatly facilitates the process of obtaining the necessary documents and the relocation itself.

MM2H world’s largest investor visa

A report offered by Malaysian Reserve shows that Malaysia My Second Home program is the world’s largest investor visa:
  • In 2019, Malaysia's golden visa was the world’s largest investment migration program by a wide margin;
  • The Malaysian Reserve reports that, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, there were about 7,904 applications filed by the investors for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program in 2019;
  • In the period 2007-2020, more than 1,665 MMH2 approvals were issued.
  • A 2,800% increase in MM2H approvals was registered so far in 2023.
  • In July 2023 alone, over 400 MM2H applications were approved.
If you are an investor and trying to obtain a Malaysia investor visa in 2023, contact our lawyers without any hesitation for legal assistance in your visa process. We are here to help you move to Malaysia.