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Our lawyers in Malaysia provide legal services to both natural persons and companies. Each industry in Malaysia is governed by a specific set of rules and regulations to which the company’s representatives should comply to. Our Malaysian lawyers offer consultancy on the local legislation in order to prevent any legal troubles or to help you overcome any legal disputes your company may be involved in. 

Our Malaysian lawyers comply with the regulation of the professional ethics and will organize their activity by setting up legal strategies created in the best interest of our clients. We offer high quality services related to litigation, mediation, taxation and more. 

Our attorneys from LawOfficeMalaysia.com can provide clients with professional legal services related to the corporate and commercial aspects of your company; we can represent you in a Malaysian court in the situation of a commercial dispute and we can issue legal opinions on any legal matter. 

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Company formation in Malaysia 

Entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Malaysia are advised to receive the legal assistance of Malaysian lawyers, who can facilitate the process of registering a business here, as they are very familiar to all the legal proceedings stipulated under the Malaysian legislation. We can offer assistance in the delivery of the legal documents requested to open a company, verify if they respect the stipulations of the Commercial law and help you register for value added tax and social security. 

Corporate tax legal advice offered by LawOfficeMalaysia.com

Our Malay lawyers from LawOfficeMalaysia.com can offer you information on the taxation system applicable to both companies and individuals and the level of taxes available here. The lawyers can help you comply with the local taxation system applicable to foreign companies and can assist you in receiving tax deductions or exemptions applicable to companies originated in the countries with which Malaysia has signed double taxation treaties. 

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