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Law Firm in Malaysia

Our law firm in Malaysia provides legal services to both natural persons and companies. Each industry in Malaysia is governed by a specific set of rules and regulations to which the company’s representatives should comply to. Our Malaysian lawyers offer consultancy on the local legislation in order to prevent any legal troubles or to help you overcome any legal disputes your company may be involved in. 

Our Malaysian lawyers comply with the regulation of the professional ethics and will organize their activity by setting up legal strategies created in the best interest of our clients. We offer high-quality services related to litigation, mediation, taxation and more. 

Our attorneys from LawOfficeMalaysia.com can provide clients with professional legal services related to the corporate and commercial aspects of your company; we can represent you in a Malaysian court in the situation of a commercial dispute and we can issue legal opinions on any legal matter. 

The list below summarizes the main types of legal services brought to you by our law firm in Malaysia:
  1. Legal representation: court representation in litigation cases - our team of lawyers has extensive experience in representing clients in court in all types of litigation cases, most notably commercial and business litigation.
  2. Company formation services: from choosing the type of company to drafting and submitting the company documents, our lawyers can meet your every need for assistance during company formation; our services can be tailored to your specific needs, especially for those foreign investors who cannot be present in the country at all times. Businessmen interested in opening companies in another country, for example in Moldova, can receive company formation services from our partners.
  3. Tax planning: from basic counseling on the provisions of the Income Tax Act or the Goods and Services Act and to specialized tax planning, our lawyers provide adequate services related to all taxation issues for companies but also for individuals. 
  4. Complete assistance for foreign investors: our lawyers have extensive experience in working with foreign entrepreneurs and can discuss various issues or concerns you might have before deciding to open a company or enter into a business merger or acquisition. We provide complete legal advice in regards to the applicable foreign investment laws.

Legal representation in Malaysia

Our team of attorneys in Malaysia can provide complete legal services and representation in litigation cases. We can help you with commercial and business disputes that include but are not limited to Contract Law, intellectual property, the Competition Law, shareholder’s disputes or any tax litigation matters. In our work with numerous local and international companies, we have handled a large number of cases and have gained notable experience in corporate and commercial disputes. We provide both advisory services and successfully defect and act in court in various legal proceedings.
Legal Services in Malaysia

Company formation in Malaysia 

Entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Malaysia are advised to receive the legal assistance of our lawyer in Malaysia, who can facilitate the process of registering a business here, as they are very familiar to all the legal proceedings stipulated under the Malaysian legislation. We can offer assistance in the delivery of the legal documents requested to open a company, verify if they respect the stipulations of the Commercial law and help you register for value added tax and social security. The entrepreneurs can choose Labuan for company formation because they can benefit from the low taxation and the multiple advantages of setting up a company in this region of Malaysia. 

Company mergers and acquisitions in Malaysia, supervized by our lawyer in Malaysia

Company mergers and acquisitions are regulated processed that may occur via a purchase of shares in a business or a takeover (voluntary, compulsory acquisitions, etc.). Legal assistance is preferable before the conclusion of a business takeover. Due diligence is important in these cases and one of our lawyers can help analyze the legal implications of the business takeover or merger.
We can assist during the pre-transaction phase and with complete legal due diligence services, along with assistance for negotiation and agreement drafting.

Company liquidation and winding up in Malaysia

Investors who wish to liquidate a Malaysian company and then wind up that legal entity completely should know that the procedure is subject to a set of rules and several steps need to be followed accordingly in order to lawfully close down a company that was engaged in business activities in the country. Our lawyers can assist you in any of the two cases in which a company can be liquidated: voluntarily, when the founders decide that, regardless of the reasons, it is optimal to close down the business or when the liquidation is subject to a court order.

Corporate tax legal advice offered by LawOfficeMalaysia.com

Our Malay lawyers from LawOfficeMalaysia.com can offer you information on the taxation system applicable to both companies and individuals and the level of taxes available here. The lawyer in Malaysia can help you comply with the local taxation system applicable to foreign companies and can assist you in receiving tax deductions or exemptions applicable to companies originated in the countries with which Malaysia has signed double taxation treaties. 

We invite you to watch a short video about the main legal services LawOfficeMalaysia.com provides:


Debt recovery lawyers in Malaysia

Our team of attorneys in Malaysia also specializes in debt recovery. This means that our team of experts can help you recover owed money or assets from clients or business partners. Before deciding to take legal action for outstanding debts, talking to an experienced lawyer can reveal other alternatives, like arbitration or mediation, which may be preceded by a negotiation session with the debtor. 

We can assist clients in performing the necessary actions, such as issuing the letter of demand to the debtor and performing the necessary searches to determine if the company that owes undue payments is indeed capable of honoring its financial obligations. 

We also assist individuals in civil proceedings that include but are not limited to Family Law and employment. Our team will work diligently to find the most adequate and fast legal solutions. If the case allows for alternative dispute resolution methods, our team can help you with arbitration in Malaysia.

Our team has extensive experience in litigation matters and our team includes attorneys who specialize in selected practice areas, many of which were summarized in this presentation.

Court litigation in Malaysia 

Persons involved in a commercial litigation should know that the cases in which the claims are above the value of RM 1 million are dealt by the High Court of Malaysia. These types of cases are considered to be large commercial disputes

High Court in Malaysia is comprised of the following subdivisions:

•    criminal division;
•    civil division;
•    commercial division;
•    appellate and special powers division;
•    family division. 

Our attorneys can represent you in front of the commercial division in the situation of a commercial litigation case or commercial dispute which can be related to intellectual property disputes, insurance, contracts and many other aspects connected to the activities of a company.

Mediation and arbitration in Malaysia

As a consequence of the Arbitration Act in 2005, the court may want to settle the case through alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation or arbitration; our Malaysian lawyers can offer you legal representation in any of the options decided in the court. 

Claims in litigations can be brought to the court within certain limits of time, established by the local legislation in accordance to the case:

•    disputes that arise from contracts or tort - 6 years;
•    enforcement of judgment -12 years;
•    legal action to recover land - 12 years.

If you are interested in this matter, our law office in Malaysia can offer you further information. 

Commercial litigation lawyers

Cases with claims below RM 1 million are brought in front of the Sessions Court. 

According to the local legislation, only the lawyers who have received a certificate issued under the legislation of the Legal Profession Act have the right to conduct cases in a Malaysian court, where the claims are larger than RM 1 million. 

Representation provided by our lawyer in Malaysia

Between them, our lawyers have a broad experience in corporate and commercial litigation, with an emphasis on representing businesses, including foreign companies in Malaysia, in legal disputes.
The following list highlights the main areas of law in which we can assist you:
  • Contractual breaches: failure, without any legal excuse, to perform the services or activities agreed upon in a business contract;
  • Shareholder disputes: company shareholders may take legal action when their powers are not taken into consideration or when there are treated in an unfair or prejudicial manner.
  • Business fraud: business fraud and unfair competition can often be solved in court.
  • Intellectual property rights: certain laws are in place for the IP protection of both local and foreign investors and when infringements arise (for patents, trademarks, copyright, designs and others), our team can help you.
These are just some of the situations in which our team can be of assistance. Our litigation attorneys also have experience in business dissolution cases or commercial real estate disputes as well as non-compete agreements.

The court structure in Malaysia

The Court of Appeal, the Federal Court and the High Court are the superior ones, while the Court for Children, the Sessions Court and the Magistrates’ Court are subordinates. The Court for Children and the Magistrates’ Court are administered by magistrates.

Also, outside the hierarchy there are various other courts, like the Syariah Courts, the Penghulu’s Courts and the Native Courts.

Trial types

As a general fact, there are two types of trials: civil and criminal. First, there is Federal Court, which hears appeals from the Court of Appeal. Then, the Court of Appeal hears, from the High Court, the appeals in relation to both criminal and civil matters. After that, the High Court is split into:

- Civil Jurisdiction,
- Criminal Jurisdiction,
- Appellate Jurisdiction.

Regarding the Civil Jurisdiction, the High Court administers all of the civil matters but, generally, it confines itself to the matters on which there is no jurisdiction from the Magistrates and the Sessions Courts, mentioned our lawyers in Malaysia.

The High Court may hear all matters on Criminal Jurisdiction but, generally, limits itself to offences where the Magistrates and Sessions Courts have no jurisdiction like, for example, offences that carry the death penalty.  Any law firm in Malaysia will specify that the Sessions Court may hear any of the civil matters involving motor vehicle accidents, distress actions and disputes between landlord and tenant etc. It may also hear any other matters in which the amount disputed does not exceed RM1,000,000.

Regarding the Appellate Jurisdiction, the High Court may hear appeals from the Sessions Courts and Magistrates, in both criminal and civil matters. The amount disputed in all of the civil matters must not exceed RM10,000 – except for when a question of law is involved.

For more details about the legal services available in Malaysia or other countries, such as Serbia, please contact our Malaysian law firm

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