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Updated on Saturday 03rd April 2021

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If you are wondering what a corporate lawyer does in Malaysia and what his/her main responsibilities are, well, the answer can be quite complex. Such a lawyer covers a fairly wide range of legal services, most of which are aimed at business owners and investors. We present some information about the legal services offered by our corporate lawyer in Malaysia.


Main activities of a corporate lawyer in Malaysia

A corporate lawyer in Malaysia can handle many legal issues, most connected by the business environment and investors. A reputable company should consider the legal assistance provided by such a specialist in order to have protection in case of litigation. Here are some areas of interest covered by our Malaysian corporate lawyer:
  1.  Support for varied corporate transactions like the purchase of shares, assets, and more.
  2.  Legal aid to sign contracts with different suppliers.
  3.  Licensing, software acquisition, and intellectual property.
  4.  The verification of agreements before registering a startup in Malaysia.
  5.  Support for newly formed joint ventures.
  6.  Legal assistance for investments and government incentives.

Company due diligence is necessary and recommended checkup for all those who want to buy a business, but want to know if there are hidden problems or other irregularities. Do not hesitate to talk to our corporate lawyer in Malaysia for complete details about our services.

Corporate and commercial litigation in Malaysia

Many litigation cases enter the attention of our specialists in this field. Companies found in this situation should solicit legal assistance and discover the optimal solutions. Suppliers who do not respect the business agreements, collaborators who do not respect their share of arrangement, foreign transactions that are partially regarded, here are a few of the litigation cases that might occur in the business field at a certain point. A long-term partnership can be established with our corporate lawyers in Malaysia, so feel free to get in touch with us for extra details on this topic.

Support for mergers and acquisitions in Malaysia

Mergers and acquisitions involve varied company transactions, business purchases, and more. A corporate lawyer in Malaysia will verify all the aspects of the transaction from a legal point of view and will offer consultations in matters like taxation, business assets, trademark, intellectual property, and many more. It is best to have a clear picture of the acquisition you want to do so you can be entirely protected from an investment point of view.

Investments and business management

Foreign businessmen need to be ready when investing in a country like Malaysia. This topic might require not only attention but also legal research and preparation for future investments. A business management plan can be a suitable option for foreign entrepreneurs who want to make investments in Malaysia. This is a field that can be rapidly covered by our Malaysian corporate lawyer with experience in foreign investments. A specialist like this can explain the investment legislation and direct foreign investors towards ideal businesses without the fear of risks or problems. Malaysia is great for business and investments which is why the following facts and figures sustain this affirmation:
  1. More than USD 168 billion represented the total FDI for Malaysia in 2019.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Malaysia 12th out of 190 worldwide economies for the ease of doing business.
  3. More than 38% of the total FDIs for Malaysia were absorbed by the manufacturing sector, according to numbers for Q3 of 2020.
  4. Singapore was the main investor of Malaysia, in Q3 of 2020, with around 21.7% of the total FDIs directed to this country.

Choosing our corporate lawyers in Malaysia

We have a dedicated team of corporate lawyers in Malaysia, with expertise in varied fields, and assistance tailored to the needs of foreign investors. Our customers can rely on professionalism, efficiency, and in-depth confidence when working with our specialists in Malaysia because we want to offer the best possible results right from the start.

Interested in more about the legal services offered by our Malaysian corporate lawyers? We invite you to contact our specialists and ask about the support provided on varied topics. We are here to help you and settle the business as you wish, with fewer complexities.