Why Start a Business in Malaysia?

Updated on Saturday 18th March 2017

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Why Start a Business in Malaysia? Image
Several industries in Malaysia reported good financial results in 2016, making local and overseas financiers turn their interests into the attractive Malaysian market. Starting a business in Malaysia means getting advantages from the country’s economic stability, infrastructure, and interesting incentives. If you plan to set up a business in Malaysia, it is wise to solicit financial advice about the tax laws from our Malaysian lawyers. They are also able to provide you with comprehensive guidance when opening a company in Malaysia.

What makes Malaysia an attractive country for overseas investors? 

Malaysia is multicultural, with a significant history behind, where the essential cultural knowledge has always been serious about success. The country is among the business centers worldwide with an attractive investment environment, besides the well-known MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) where the current telecommunications infrastructure and the legislative structure perfectly blend to offer progress and stability in numerous important industries. As for the economy in the country, Malaysia entered in major changes back in the ‘50s, where the industrialization movement was quite a success, transforming the country in the largest palm oil exporter in the world.

Nowadays, Malaysia is among the top ten countries with a stable economy, where the oil palm and rubber, logging, agriculture, petroleum, timber are the main import commodities. We remind that you can register a company with suitable help and guidance from our lawyers in Malaysia.

Business ideas in 2017

The tourism in Malaysia never pulls back, on the contrary, according to statistics, this important sector continues to grow and to attract numerous investment from abroad. As for the business you can think of opening in Malaysia, experts say that 2017 will meet development in the real estate sector, food industry, e-commerce, green energy, and finance. Financiers are interested in opening hotels, spa resorts, travel agencies, internet businesses, transportation firms. It is true, the strategic location and the well-planned infrastructure of Malaysia, are among the most important aspects when thinking of relocating here for business purposes. Besides that, the authorities in Malaysia have toughened the fiscal policies to support flexibility and reduce the risks for foreign investors interested in developing activities here.

You can solicit extra information about how to open a business in Malaysia and the start-up costs you need to consider, from our law firm in Malaysia.