Wealth Management in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 03rd August 2023

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Our lawyers in Malaysia recommend that you consider a suitable wealth management plan, tailored to your current needs and future plans for retirement and inheritance.  The strong demand drives the evolution of wealth management in Malaysia, which also benefits from other factors like a developed capital market and a growing range of investments.  In the following lines, you can find information about wealth management in Malaysia for international and local investors in Malaysia. On the other hand, you can solicit information about residency in Malaysia, if, at a certain point, you would like to relocate to this country.

The wealth management sector in Malaysia

The traditional wealth management services providers in Malaysia have been the local banks and the branches of foreign banks. However, as the field developed, more service providers entered the market. Stock brokers offered their services, premier and private banking services became available, and private wealth managers provided more than one option for wealth and asset management. 

The wealth management sector is developed enough to meet the needs of investors and high-net-worth individuals who are planning on setting up an investment scheme or enhancing and protecting their wealth in Malaysia. 

Wealth management in Malaysia will typically include wealth creation and enhancement and then wealth protection and distribution. This cycle needs to be addressed according to the particularities of the business and source of income. One of our attorneys in Malaysia can help you with information about the laws governing risk management, insurance, and trust formation. You can discuss with us about the services of a wealth management company in Malaysia and the ways in which you can be helped.

Those interested in immigration to Malaysia can contact our lawyers to receive legal guidance. Malaysia My Second Home is a program that allows the relocation of foreign citizens for 10 years, taking into account some legal criteria of personal finances and more. You can also make investments if you apply for a start-up visa in Malaysia. But if you have any concerns, you can talk to one of our lawyers to facilitate the relocation process in this country.

Wealth management options in Malaysia

Wealth management solutions in Malaysia can include the following:

- family or unit trusts;
- private retirement schemes;
- shares and bonds management;
- life insurance;
- general insurance;
- wills. 

Wealth management plans are designed to suit the needs of the client and meet their demands for distributing the assets at a current and at future time. 

Used from the beginning of their business activities in Malaysia, these financial planning services allow investors to accumulate savings, plan their future investments and their personal assets, and manage liabilities and debts to avoid bankruptcy. 

Our lawyers in Malaysia can provide you with adequate insight into choosing the most suitable wealth and financial planning service. Moreover, our tax experts can give you details on some available tax minimization strategies, so contact our law firm in Malaysia at any time.

Who requires wealth management in Malaysia?

Although in most cases, wealth management is addressed to high net worth, with dedicated accountants who draw up various plans involving financial assets, in reality, however, this type of service can be contracted by other people. There are various investment management solutions for different categories of entrepreneurs. Among the services offered by a wealth management company in Malaysia, we mention:
  • Evidencing the financial risks that may arise with the expansion of a client's portfolio.
  • Liabilities.
  • Optimal strategies for preserving the wealth of customers interested in such services.
  • The finance technology is quite developed, as such, proper investment management options can be offered, even for people with average earnings in Malaysia.

Regardless of the monthly income you register, it is recommended that you ask for Islamic wealth management in Malaysia and get an idea of the services you can access.

Wealth management services for low-to-mid-income people

If you have an annual income that does not exceed RM 300,000, you should know that you can benefit from wealth management services in Malaysia. Even if until now you have not had such services, not even the traditional ones that involve advice on personal finances and their correct management, you can benefit from them whenever you decide. In addition, if you do not trust the online platforms that offer advice on personal assets and their preservation, it is more than recommended to turn to specialists in the field. He/she knows the algorithms and can offer specialized financial advice regarding the wealth you own. Wealth management services in Malaysia are transparent and accessible.

Wealth management for high-net-worth individuals in Malaysia

With annual gross income exceeding RM 300,000, foreign investors can benefit from the services offered by our wealth management company in Malaysia. There are managers dedicated to each account who can offer the best solutions involving the investments you want to make. For example, maybe you have a retirement plan in mind or maybe you want to buy a real estate property.

Correct financial planning comes with advisory services offered by an expert in the field. You can benefit from our services whenever you want, so don't hesitate to ask for information about Islamic wealth management in Malaysia.

Wealth management in Malaysia - How important is the help of a specialist in the field and what are the benefits

A general approach to investments and real financial plans that targets a precise set of prospects and risks in developing wealth is more than required for both local and international entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Starting from this essential aspect, wealth management in Malaysia is quite beneficial:
  • You can thus ensure that you have the optimal solutions to combat inflation that may affect your investments at a given time.
  • With the help of wealth managers, you can expand your investments in varied areas. Risk protection in this case can be increased.
  • There are also emergency plans that can be explained to you by an experienced advisor.
  • Long or short-term goals can refer to full payment of loans, children's education, payments for a house or a car, for instance. These things can be real if you have the help of a financial specialist at hand.
  • Depending on the plans you have, you can talk to a wealth manager and adopt the right solutions for you.
Below is information about the economy of Malaysia, so that you can get an idea about the business direction in this country, if you have investment plans:
  • The Malaysian economy registered a GDP growth of around 8.7% in 2022.
  • Domestic demand and private consumption were solid economic indicators that sustained the growth of Malaysia's GDP in Q4 of 2022.
  • About RM 718 billion was the value of gross imports and exports in Malaysia in the same year.

You can contact the experts at our law firm in Malaysia if you have questions about managing a business and assets in the country. Moreover, our immigration lawyers in Malaysia are at your service with dedicated plans for a legal and correct relocation to this country.