Wealth Management in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 10th May 2017

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Investors and high net worth individuals can manage and control their assets accumulated in the country.

The wealth management sector is undergoing a stage of development in Malaysia, with more service offerings, groups, and companies that are developing in this field.

The strong demand drives the evolution of the wealth management field in Malaysia, which also benefits from other factors like a developed capital market and a growing range of investments.  

Our lawyers in Malaysia recommend that you consider a suitable wealth management plan, tailored to your current needs and future plans for retirement and inheritance.

The wealth management sector in Malaysia

The traditional wealth management services providers in Malaysia have been the local banks and the branches of foreign banks. However, as the field developed, more service providers entered the market. Stock brokers offered their services, premier and private banking services became available and private wealth managers provided more than one option for wealth and asset management. 

The wealth management sector in developed enough to meet the needs of investors and high net worth individuals who are planning on setting up an investment scheme or enhancing and protecting their wealth in Malaysia. 

Wealth management will typically include wealth creation and enhancement and then wealth protection and distribution. This cycle needs to be addressed according to the particularities of the business and source of income. One of our attorneys in Malaysia can help you with information about the laws governing risk management, insurance, and trust formation. 

Wealth management options in Malaysia

Wealth management solutions in Malaysia can include the following:
- family or unit trusts;
- private retirement schemes;
- shares and bonds management;
- life insurance;
- general insurance;
- wills. 

Wealth management plans are designed to suit the needs of the client and meet their demands for distributing the assets at a current and at a future time. 

Used from the beginning of their business activities in Malaysia, these financial planning services allow investors to accumulate savings, plan their future investments and their personal assets and manage liabilities and debts to avoid bankruptcy. 

Our lawyers in Malaysia can provide you with adequate insight into choosing the most suitable wealth and financial planning service. Moreover, our tax experts can give you details on some available tax minimization strategies. 

You can contact the experts at our law firm in Malaysia if you have questions about managing a business and assets in the country.