Visa for Investors in Malaysia

Updated on Saturday 11th December 2021

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The visa for investors in Malaysia is a multiple-entry type of visa. This is one of the three types of visas issued by the Immigration Department. One of our attorneys in Malaysia can assist you in obtaining a visa for multiple entries as you will need this access as a business owner in the country. Moreover, we can provide adequate information about the different rules for foreign investors and support if they want to immigrate to Malaysia.

The business visa in Malaysia

The multiple-entry visa is usually issued for business or Governmental matters. It has a validity period of three months and up to three months from its issue date. An important detail is that each entry is for a 30-day period and there is no possibility to extend the duration of this one-entry period. The following conditions must be met by a foreign investor applying for a visa for Malaysia. We would like to mention that we can help you move to Malaysia:
- proof of income;
- proof of a valid return ticket.
This visa is not on that can be obtained for groups and it is subject to different fees (which may depend on the nationality of the applicant, for example, there are differences for Indian nationals and Chinese nationals). One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you with detailed information about the different visa fees and other matters. We are here to help you immigrate to Malaysia.

Applying for a business visa in Malaysia

The application for a business visa or a multiple entry visa is submitted to the Malaysian Representative Office in the applicant’s country. Businesspeople from India and China who need this type of visa also have the option to apply via an online platform. The visa application may be submitted with or without a reference. In each case, the applicant needs to pay a visa fee and provide the original passport together with its photocopy, photocopies of the visa application form, and two passport-size photographs. Foreigners who want to relocate to Malaysia should get in touch with us for assistance.
The team of attorneys at our law firm in Malaysia can help you apply for a business visa and relocate to Malaysia. We can also answer any questions about the law for foreign investors. Contact us for more information and advice if you want to move to Malaysia.