Verification of a Malaysian Company

Updated on Tuesday 23rd May 2017

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The verification of a Malaysian company is recommended to all investors before engaging in any business transaction in this country. Establishing the authenticity of local companies is the first step towards a safe investment in the Malaysian economy. Our lawyers in Malaysia can assist you with the complete procedure of verification, which is necessary in case of doing business with local companies or purchasing a shelf company.  

Verification of a shelf company in Malaysia

Malaysia offers a friendly environment to foreign investments. Buying ready-made or shelf companies is the easiest way to start a business in Malaysia. Shelf companies offer several advantages to those interested in purchasing a company in Malaysia:

•    are fully incorporated under the Companies Act 1965;
•    have no prior business transactions and no economic activity;
•    are ready to trade;
•    their documentation can be immediately transferred to the purchaser;
•    have the same features as a regular newly incorporated company;
•   hold an incorporation certificate issued by the local authority for the improvement of corporate governance, The Companies Commission in Malaysia (CCM).

Our lawyers in Malaysia can give you all the details about the steps required for buying a Malaysian company and they will help you with the verification of the company before being purchased.

How to verify a Malaysian company?

If you are interested in purchasing a Malaysian company, already active in the market, there are certain aspects you need to consider. The credibility of the company, its background and financial reports are key elements to a well informed decision. All companies in Malaysia are required to remit annually their financial and audit information to the CCM. The verification of a Malaysian company can be requested with The Companies Commission Malaysia and will provide you the following information:

•    company profile – company name, registration number and check digit, previous name and date of change, directors, managers, officers, company charges;
•    business profile – type of business and details about owner/s and partners, business address, the expiry date of current registration;
•    company charges – details about properties/assets which are not part of the company profile information.

Please contact our law firm in Malaysia for detailed information about the verification of a Malaysian company procedure.