Start a Company for Rental and Leasing in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 07th May 2018

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Investors who start a company for rental and leasing in Malaysia have access to a dynamic market that offers more than one manner of deriving profit from real estate. Full-service real estate rental, leasing, and management companies offer packaged suited to the needs of individuals who wish to rent the property but also those who own property and are in need of assistance for renting it.
Our team of lawyers in Malaysia can offer complete guidance on the process of opening a real estate management company that offers these types of services.

Types of activities for rental/leasing businesses

The following list details some of the services commonly offered by rental and leasing companies in Malaysia. A business may offer some or all of these services, in various combinations.
  • short-term rental: popular among tourists who visit Malaysia, a short-term rental is an alternative to booking a hotel in Kuala Lumpur or in other cities; the usual period is for less than a month
  • long-term rental: based on the same principle as short term rental, this option is a suitable one for expats who come and work in Malaysia
  • leasing services: for property owners in Malaysia who need help finding a new tenant and with the leasing activities
  • full property management: services tailored to the needs of property owners in Malaysia who wish to make their property more attractive to tenants; also includes services for finding tenants, complete customer service and maintenance. 

Requirements for real estate companies in Malaysia

The property market in Malaysia is subject to a set of rules and regulations, especially in regards to taxation. For example, the sale of a residential property is not subject to GST when the seller is not required to register for GST, even if the price exceeds a certain amount. Conversely, the same of a commercial property is taxable. When purchasing real estate, owners in Malaysia should be well aware of these requirements.
Our team of lawyers in Malaysia can help answer any questions on the requirements for buying, selling and leasing property as well as making substantial property investments.
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