Set Up a Transporting and Storage Company in Malaysia

Updated on Friday 14th September 2018

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Investors who set up a transporting and storage company can focus on delivering a wide range of services or target a specific niche. Market analysis and can be of importance before incorporation and preparing a business plan is a necessary step.

Our team of lawyers in Malaysia can help you understand the legal requirements that exist for these types of companies and can assist you during the company incorporation procedure.

Transport and logistics services in Malaysia

Transport and storage companies offer services related to the actual transport, regardless of means, and the storage of various types of goods. Businesses will focus on delivering proper services that will allow for an adequate storage and transportation, at the same time meeting the requirements of the clients. Some of the main types of services include the following:
  • Warehouse storage: businesses can offer warehousing services and for this purpose, they need to establish an adequate location and obtain the approvals for storing hazardous goods when needed. special licenses are needed to operate a warehouse.
  • Transportation: a transport company offers various types of transport services to clients and for this type of business, having a vehicle fleet is essential when starting the business; carrier licenses are needed for this purpose.
  • Shipping services: freight forwarding is another type of activity that can be undertaken by these businesses and will require separate licensing. 
  • Logistics services: in most cases, companies that offer integrated logistics services will combine the services described above; in some cases, they will also work with transport intermediaries.

As seen above, all of the sector-specific activities require special licensing and approval. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you submit the necessary documentation to obtain the required permits.

Starting a transport company

A transport and logistics business is incorporated as per the Companies Act in Malaysia, with attention to the requirements for having a unique business name, a bank account and all of the needed documentation for incorporation. The costs for starting this type of business will vary according to the types of services offered and, in most cases, will be larger in case of companies that offer integrated logistics services.

Contact our law firm in Malaysia for complete details about the formation of a transport company, hiring employees for this type of business and meeting the ongoing local requirements.