Set up a Market Research Company in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 28th March 2018

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A market research company will offer solutions tailored to the needs of the clients and at the same time will observe the manner in which market research changes and adapts according to the region.
Investors who set up a market research company in Malaysia can provide solutions and services that include quantitative and qualitative researches, data collection and processing and much more. Our team of attorneys in Malaysia can help you set up a market research business.

Malaysia market research agencies

Market research companies in Malaysia can be involved in one or more types of activities. Depending on their profile and business plan, these types of companies can offer several services:
- investigative services that can include quantitative and qualitative analysis;
- market analysis;
- intelligence research.
Further activities can include website analytics, social media solutions, and services that target the introduction of a new product on the market.
When hiring researchers for their company, investors can also employ foreign experts or expatriates. The work permit, in this case, has a duration of two years and one of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you with further information about hiring foreign employees.

Open a company in Malaysia

Company formation in Malaysia is a straightforward process even for foreign investors. All companies need to be registered with the Companies Commission in Malaysia (SSM) and market research businesses need to have a unique business name, as well as a bank account, opened in Malaysia. The market research and advertising activities will be conducted from a registered office in the country.
Market research companies in Malaysia will naturally need to have a strong understanding of the local market. Nevertheless, they can expand their services to other regions of the Asia Pacific region and can engage in international projects. Similarly, international companies that wish to expand to the Malaysian market can open a branch.
Our team of lawyers in Malaysia can offer you suitable solutions for company formation, based on the needs of your business, the available budget upon incorporation and the future plan for expansion.
Contact our law firm in Malaysia for detailed information about the services we provide.