Set Up a Company for Real Estate Activities in Malaysia

Updated on Sunday 28th October 2018

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The Malaysian real estate sector is a dynamic one, influenced by the macroeconomic and political situation in the country. A real estate services company will typically offer services for corporate and/or individual clients and will focus on one or more sectors, like office, retail or land.
Investors who wish to set up a company for real estate activities in Malaysia can request specialized assistance from one of our attorneys. Our law firm in Malaysia works with foreign investors who are in need or legal counseling and advice for taking the first steps when starting a company. We can help investors open a business in all fields, including entering the real estate sector.

Key issues for starting a real estate company in Malaysia

Real estate agencies in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia will offer various services to clients. Some of these include:
  • property acquisition assistance: experts assist clients in purchasing the desired property in Malaysia, either residential, commercial or industrial.
  • property sale: real estate agents will also engage in the sale of buildings and land as well as leasing of residential units.
  • valuation: this type of service is designed for those clients who need a complete evaluation of the property that will also be accepted by banks and financial institutions.
  • asset management: a team of experts can help maintain the functionality of selected properties, as well as refurbishing and redeveloping them for future use.
Extra services for clients can include rental management services as well as various consultancy and market research services.
When opening a company for real estate activities in Malaysia, investors will need to obtain permits and licenses depending on the exact activities in which they engage (construction, for example). Our team of lawyers in Malaysia can help you with this requirement.

Open a company with the help from our law firm in Malaysia

Having worked with foreign investors, we know the importance of specialized legal assistance, especially for first-time investors in Malaysia. Our attorneys can help you from the first stage of company formation when choosing a type of company, then drafting the Articles of Association and finally, submitting the documents for registration with the SSM, the Malaysian Company Registry.
Contact our law firm in Malaysia for more information about how we can help you open a business in real estate.