Set Up a Business for Selling Household Goods in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 30th May 2019

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Household goods are a very wide range of goods and products used in all of the areas of a home. Stores that sell these types of products can give a variety of products in their offer, from consumer electronics to appliances, tools, housewares, and furnishings.
When they decide to set up a business for selling household goods in Malaysia, entrepreneurs have two options: open a traditional business for which they will have a showroom with the possibility to purchase on-site or an online business, an e-commerce store selling a variety of products and delivering them to clients (in the country and/or internationally).

Our team of lawyers in Malaysia can help investors open this type of business: handle the entire incorporation process and make sure that they comply with all of the applicable laws for companies in this field.

How to open a business for selling household goods in Malaysia 

A business that sells household goods in Malaysia is one that is involved in commercializing a very wide range of products. This can be done by setting up a large store or by opening an online business with delivery services and assistance for clients, according to the product category. 
Regardless of whether or not they choose to build a store or sell online, investors will need to incorporate a company in Malaysia. The main steps are the following, presented by our team of lawyers in Malaysia:
  1. Choose a company type: the business type can be chosen according to the size of the future company and the plans to expand the business.
  2. Choose a company name: the name needs to be a unique one, that does not infringe existing ones and that does not contravene with the Malaysian laws.
  3. Prepare the company documents: the founders prepare the Articles of Association and annex any needed documents, such as their identification details; the Articles are then signed by all shareholders.
  4. Submit the documents for incorporation: once all of the documents are complete, the incorporation file containing the application for registration is filed with the Company Registry, the SSM.
  5. Subsequent steps: the founders can now apply for any other needed permits and licenses and register for GST purposes.

Household goods retailers in Malaysia 

Home goods businesses offer numerous items from different categories of products. Shopping by product type, by room or by style is an option for customers. Examples of home good categories can include the following:
  • Furniture: living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom furniture as well as solutions for children’s rooms and home offices.
  • Home décor: accent pieces, curtains, wall art, rugs, décor pillows, mirrors, bedding, and many others.
  • Bath: showers, toilets, bathroom hardware, tile, bathtubs and sinks, faucets.
  • Lighting: chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lights, string lights, and many others.
  • Storage: cabinets, shelving, bookshelves, storage solutions, and organization options. 
  • Outdoor: patio furniture, umbrellas, grills, spas, swing sets, gardening, and yard care.
Some categories, such as furniture, décor or storage can be segmented according to the rooms of the house, for example, kitchen-specific or bedroom-specific. Household goods are not limited to the aforementioned categories, however, and they can also extend to consumer electronics and different appliances, such as air conditioning, cooking utensils, mattresses, ironing boards and essentially all items of goods used in a household, placed in different rooms and having different utilities. 
Opening a business for selling household goods will involve selecting the categories of goods that will be offered by the company. An alternative to starting a new company is to purchase the franchising rights from an existing business that wishes to expand to the Malaysian market. This is not the same as if the said foreign company would open a branch. The franchisee will acquire the rights to use the intellectual property of the foreign company, under a certain agreement, and by observing the profile and the marketing strategy of the foreign business. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help investors who are interested in this option with more information on liability and rights. The advantage of the franchise is that the buyer acquires an already tested business model and will have an established business plan.
From furniture to lighting, décor, and storage, household goods stores in Malaysia offer a significant variety of products for various types of clients. Investors who wish to explore business opportunities in this retail sector can contact our law firm in Malaysia. One of our attorneys will be able to provide complete information about the company set up process and any special requirements regarding the import of products.