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Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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The decision to relocate to Malaysia can be driven by a number of factors, economic and business-related. Investors who want to move their company may target a different market and choose Malaysia because of its favorable position in Asia. Regardless of the reasons behind the decision to relocate, the process requires planning and attention to the local company laws and regulations. Our lawyers in Malaysia can help you start planning the relocation of your business. We are here to help you immigrate to Malaysia.

Company relocation to Malaysia

The company relocation process focuses on a complete and safe transfer of assets that guarantee business continuity. With careful and timely planning and consideration, your new company in Malaysia will start its business activities in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Our team of experts can help you move to Malaysia and provide the support that will allow for a smooth transition of the company to its new jurisdictions. The relocation program is fully customized as per your business needs, the size and the characteristics of the company.

We can also help you with consulting services in Malaysia. These can include office rent or property purchase, legal information on employment law, and accounting principles. Therefore, talk to us if you want to move to Malaysia.

Corporate compliance in Malaysia

The company relocation process involves the set-up of a new company in Malaysia. The new legal entity will have the same characteristics as the foreign company that is being relocated, meaning that its type will be preserved. The two most commonly incorporated types of companies are public or private limited liability companies. More about how to relocate to Malaysia can be discussed with us.

Registration with the Malaysian Companies Commission is mandatory for all types of companies. legal entities also have to comply with Financial Reporting Standards and tax laws. Companies in Malaysia have to pay the corporate income tax, the real property gains tax, and the goods and services tax. 

You can rely on the expertise of our lawyers in Malaysia if you are interested in relocating your company.

We can provide those interested with information about immigration to Malaysia and how to obtain an entry visa to this country. If you relocate for a longer period, we can help you from a legal point of view with obtaining a residence permit. Malaysia my Second Home program also allows family members to apply, but we recommend you talk to us to get an idea of ​​the requirements and formalities imposed.

Contact us for more information and advice on company relocation and management in Malaysia and let us help you immigrate to Malaysia.