Purchase a Company in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 14th May 2018

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Your official business in Malaysia can be started by purchasing a shelf company, that’s already incorporated, so the person who buys it can immediately start the economic activity. Most of these ready-made companies in Malaysia have the certificate of incorporation and they don’t have bank accounts or any liabilities assigned to them.

Why buy a shelf company in Malaysia?

One of the main reasons why you should buy a ready-made company in Malaysia is that, afterward, the business can start very fast, sometimes even within 24 hours. More so, after purchasing the shelf company, the entrepreneur will only have to brush-up on the final details, before opening the business.

You also have the possibility to incorporate a company in Malaysia as a Sdn Bhd; in other countries, this is generally known as a limited liability company. This type of company gives the owner a certain level of financial protection, which is not available in any other type of business. More so, the majority of reputable companies are formed as LLC or Sdn Bhd, so it will add a certain credibility to your new started business.

The main aspects concerning the purchase of a Malaysian company are highlighted in the video below:


Key steps for purchasing a shelf company in Malaysia

1.    The first and most important step is to choose the type of business that you want to start,
2.    You need to check if there are many opportunities for such a business within Malaysia; if you have some trouble with this step, our lawyers in Malaysia will be able to help,
3.    Find out or contact a law firm in Malaysia regarding the available ownership options for every single entity, for foreigners,
4.    Trade licenses may be required for starting your business, so make sure you have a discussion with Malaysian lawyers regarding this step,
5.    With the help of attorneys in Malaysia, obtain all necessary approvals and work permits immediately after purchasing the self company,
6.    Find out the main costs that are involved with the buying of the business and starting the economic activity,
7.    Ask our consultants what are, generally, the issues faced by foreigners when they started their company in Malaysia.

These are the most important steps when buying and starting a business in Malaysia. For any other questions and information about purchasing a company in Malaysia, do not hesitate to contact us