Open an Offshore Company in Labuan

Updated on Friday 09th September 2016

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Labuan is an important off-shore financial centre in Asia that allows for quick access to Malaysia, an important business hub and also gives investors important tax advantages. 

Labuan is a federal territory of Malaysia located off the coast, in East Malaysia. The main reason investors choose to open a company here is the geographical location that allows them to have good access to many Asian business destinations. A law firm in Malaysia is able to provide you with adequate advice and assistance if you want to open a company in a Malaysian federal territory.

Offshore companies in Labuan

The process of incorporating a Labuan company is simple and foreign investors can have full foreign ownership over the legal entity they register here. The most commonly used business form is the Labuan international company – the legal entity that allows for 100% foreign ownership and benefits from all of the tax advantages practiced in Labuan. 

The tax requirements will depend on the business activities performed by the company. For example, the requirements for tax and audit are necessary only in some cases. The offshore company in Labuan may be used for trading purposes. In general, for these types of companies, a corporate income tax will apply either with the percentage of 3% or within the limit of RM 20,000. Non-trading companies and dormant companies are taxes in a different manner.

Our local lawyers in Malaysia can help you choose between the most popular business forms, both in the country and in its federal territory. We can also help you understand the different taxes that apply to companies.

Company incorporation in Labuan

The company incorporation process in Labuan is straightforward and one of our local lawyers in Malaysia can help commence the procedures for you. We can help you decide on the company business structure and also check the availability of the company name. The business visa application is an important step and foreign investors in Labuan and Malaysia can use our help during this procedure.

Malaysia is an attractive destination for foreign investments in Asia and the country has signed numerous international agreements with other countries that allow for a good trade relationship but also for the avoidance of double taxation for companies and individuals.

The experts at our law firm in Malaysia can give you comprehensive information about investing in the country but also in Labuan. You can contact us for more detailed information and personalized assistance.



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