Open an Energy Company in Malaysia

Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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Malaysia’s favorable investment policies and business climate have made it one of the main destinations for investments in energy and renewable energy. Studies show that the country will be able to increase its capacity to sustain renewable energy projects, especially those targeting the use of wind and solar power.

In order to open an energy company in Malaysia, investors need to observe the local laws and regulations for these types of companies. One of the experts at our law firm in Malaysia is able to assist you if you wish to set up this type of business.

Investing in the energy sector in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that has seen a significant development in encouraging the use of renewable energy. Investments in this field benefit from a feed-in tariff mechanism for renewable developers. 

The Government encourages investments in the energy sector (renewable energy and energy efficiency) through a series of incentives. The Green Technology Incentive, included in the Income Tax Act is such an example. It allows investors to receive a reimbursement (under certain conditions) for purchasing green technology equipment.   

Some of the types of incentives available to investors in the energy sector in Malaysia include:

- the pioneer status incentive;
- the investment tax allowance (on qualifying expenditure);
- reinvestment allowance;
- import duty exemption.

One of the tax law experts at our law firm in Malaysia can give you detailed information about the taxation of companies and the main incentives available to investors, especially in the energy sector.

Our commercial lawyers in Malaysia can offer you legal support if you are faced with corporate disputes. We will ensure that our clients receive correct information about their situation, as well as the optimal defense strategies. On the other hand, we are here if you are interested in our legal opinion on business contracts or partnerships. Risk management for companies is also available to those who own companies in Malaysia and want to ensure their smooth running.

Open a company in Malaysia

Investors who want to start a business in the energy sector need to follow the incorporation steps:
- apply for the business name and wait for approval;
- draw up the company documents;
- open a bank account;
- submit the registration papers to the Companies Commission of Malaysia;
- apply for other needed permits.

Companies in the energy sector are subject to licensing and control. One of our attorneys in Malaysia can help you throughout the process of obtaining special permits and licenses for your business.

Our lawyers in Malaysia can answer your questions related to investments in particular business fields. Contact us for more information and assistance for starting a business.