Open an e-Commerce Business in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 18th January 2018

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Investors who open an e-Commerce business in Malaysia have access to a wider range of clients, compared to opening a physical store in a Malaysian city, such as Kuala Lumpur. By using an online platform, business owners can sell one or more categories of products, as per the distinctiveness of the online platform.

Buying and selling via an online platform is a common method employed by many Malaysians. Investors can start their e-Commerce business locally and then, as the business grows successful, expand it internationally.

Our team of lawyers in Malaysia highlights the main steps needed to open a company in Malaysia, as well as the main taxation issues for online businesses.

E-Commerce companies in Malaysia

Opening an online shop and business has many advantages, particularly for foreign investors in Malaysia. With an online business, tailored to the needs of international clients rather than just Malaysian ones, entrepreneurs can start selling globally. 

E-Commerce platforms can be hosted internationally or locally. Investors who wish to open an online shop can request complete e-Commerce services from accredited providers who will handle the website programming and maintenance. Finding a host and creating a web platform is just the beginning. Entrepreneurs will also need to sort out the payment options. Most Malaysians will prefer card payments or payments via PayPal or similar services. For this purpose, those who set up an e-Commerce platform will need to open a merchant account.

Selling on an online marketplace will also mean targeting a specific audience and providing one or more types of services. Online shops include those for clothing and footwear, consumer electronics, jewelry, food or others. 

Talking to one of our attorneys in Malaysia can be helpful in order to find out more about the local rules and regulations for companies.

Starting a business in Malaysia 

In order to start an online business in Malaysia, investors will need to incorporate a company and register it with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you during the effective company incorporation phase.

Contact our law firm in Malaysia for detailed information on how to start a business.