Open a Travel Agency in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 16th April 2018

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Malaysia is one of the countries with the highest tourist arrivals in the world. The beaches, paddy fields, and the modern Kuala Lumpur are just some of the destinations and attractions. Investors who open a travel agency in Malaysia can offer various packages and tourism activities to visitors from around the world. 

All travel agencies or tour operating businesses in Malaysia are required to comply with the licensing requirements. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you with more information.

Requirements for travel agencies in Malaysia

Malaysia’s tropical beaches are known for their beauty and these destinations are among the most sought after by foreign visitors. Other attractions include the national parks and nature reserves, monuments, the famous Petronas Towers, the botanical garden and the national zoo, museums, monorail trains, an elephant sanctuary and many others.

Several regulations are in place in the tourism and hospitality industry and one of our attorneys in Malaysia can offer you complete guidance on how to apply for the needed permits.

Companies in Malaysia need to apply for a License to Carry on or Operate a Tour Operating Business and Travel Agency Business. The form needs to be filled out and submitted to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture together with the appropriate fee. A condition is that the company members have relevant experience in the field of tourism. Moreover, the applicant company must have enough paid-up capital.

Opening a company in Malaysia 

All companies in Malaysia are registered with the Companies Commission. The preliminary steps include choosing a type of company, drafting the articles of association, opening a bank account and depositing the paid-up capital and filling in the needed forms for registration. 

Some conditions may apply for the percentage of shares that may be owned by a foreign investor in Malaysia in a tour operating company. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help with adequate information about these conditions. 

Contact our law firm in Malaysia for more information about starting a travel agency in the country.