Open a HORECA Company in Malaysia

Updated on Sunday 19th August 2018

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The opportunities for those investors who open a HORECA company in Malaysia range from opening hotels and restaurant o setting up cafes – all of which have the potential to attract both local customers as well as expats and tourists.

The team at our law firm in Malaysia has worked with many foreign investors and can give you complete details about the manner in which a foreign entrepreneur can fully own a company in Malaysia. 

The hospitality sector in Malaysia

The hotels, restaurants, and cafes business sector, or HORECA, is a diverse one that allows investors to focus on offering general as well as specific services. The market contains both standard and premium businesses and franchises.

The list below includes some of the issues to consider when opening a company in the hotel and accommodation sector in Malaysia.
  1. Food safety: companies in this industry need to comply with the food safety measures in Malaysia regarding the processing and storing of products.
  2. Quality: restaurants, cafes and catering companies in Malaysia comply with and observe quality standards.
  3. Equipment: adequate equipment for preparing and storing food is needed and this should be included in the start-up costs for the HORECA business.
  4. Staff: hiring qualified staff is important in many niche areas in the HORECA sector; examples include chefs for restaurants or hotel managers.

Food safety in Malaysia is overseen by the Health Ministry and adequate licenses and permits are needed for businesses that sell foods, as well as those that import food. One of our attorneys in Malaysia can give you complete details about the regulations imposed by the Food Safety and Quality Departments, depending on the region in Malaysia where the business activates.

Company formation in Malaysia

Company registration in Malaysia is performed with the Companies Commission and is subject to a set of conditions. A minimum share capital applies for most companies and investors have access to a special business regime in the Labuan region.

Contact our law firm in Malaysia for complete details about company registration for foreign and local businesspeople.