Open a FMCG Company in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 06th September 2017

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The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is well-developed and well represented in Malaysia. Consumer purchasing power remains stable and customers have a wide range of hypermarkets and supermarkets to choose from. 

Foreign investors who want to open a FMCG company in Malaysia need to observe the applicable rules and regulations for opening a company and for foreign ownership. Although the country encourages external investments, some business sectors are subject to more stringent requirements and ownership percentage for foreigners. You can talk to one of our lawyers in Malaysia for specific information in a certain retail sub sector. 

The FMCG industry in Malaysia

A large number of international FMCG companies operate in Malaysia and they provide local customers with foodstuffs, household items, and consumer electronics. Local brands have also enjoyed popularity and some Malaysian brands are now internationally famous. The particularity of this industry is that companies focus on the manufacturing, packaging, and sale of products with short shelf-life, that are to be repurchased by the clients.

The fast moving consumer goods industry is believed to be a stable one due to its nature of providing for the products needs of a large number of customers. However, investors who want to open a FMCG company in Malaysia need to pay attention to the market evolution and start their business with a solid business plan. 

FMCG companies in Malaysia, especially larger ones, are important employers and offer a wide range of jobs to local workers, from sales to marketing, logistics, finance or consulting. 

Opening a company in Malaysia

The company formation process in Malaysia includes a few steps. The first one is to search for an available business name with the Companies Commission. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you during this step and with the following procedure, that of preparing the company incorporation documents. The documents are submitted to the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

After the company is incorporated, investors need to open a bank account and to register for the goods and services tax

Our attorneys in Malaysia can help you incorporate a FMCG company. Contact us for more details on the incorporation procedure.