Open a Consultancy Business in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 22nd March 2018

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Entrepreneurs who choose to open a consultancy business in Malaysia can operate in a number of business fields, either acting as the experts themselves or by hiring the experts that will provide advisory services to other companies and/or individuals.

Business consulting, as well as marketing or tax consultancy,  are just several options that present important opportunities. Opening a business in Malaysia is a straightforward process and one of our attorneys in Malaysia can help you start a consulting company.

Consulting businesses in Malaysia

Entrepreneurs can consider starting their own business as a consultant themselves or can choose to open a company that will hire experts from certain fields and thus offer a wide range of consultancy services.

Those who have expertise in company management, marketing, human resources, advertising or even law and accountancy can start an individual business as a consultant in Malaysia. This will imply setting up a sole trader: the simplest business form, run by only one individual who will be liable for the debts and obligations of the business. This can be a suitable choice for those who are just starting a business and wish to become self-employed.

An alternative is to open a company in Malaysia that offers consulting services in one or perhaps more business fields. This will mean hiring the right experts and offer consulting services to other companies or to individual entrepreneurs.

Business owners in Malaysia can choose to hire local or foreign experts for their consulting business. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you further detail on the requirements for hiring foreign employees.

How to start a business in Malaysia 

Investors can open a Malaysian private limited liability company or a Labuan International Company. The latter will benefit from a series of tax advantages, as Labuan is known as an offshore financial center.

A consulting business in Kuala Lumpur will most often be incorporated in the form of a private limited liability company. A 24% corporate income tax applies to this business form and registration with the Companies Commission is mandatory. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you further details on the specific requirements for public and private limited liability companies.

Contact our law firm in Malaysia for more information about how to set up a business.