Open a Company for Marketing Activities in Malaysia

Updated on Friday 02nd November 2018

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From digital strategy to copywriting and online advertising, companies that focus on marketing activities in Malaysia deliver complete packages to clients, all for the purpose of product and service promotion.
Investors who open a company for marketing activities in Malaysia can follow the standard steps for company formation and can request specialized aid from our team of lawyers in Malaysia.

Marketing companies in Malaysia

Marketing companies in Malaysia provide various services that combine to allow for an effective marketing strategy, according to the client’s business field and the agreed targets. The main achievements expected after a successful marketing campaign include, but are not limited to, improved brand image, increased sales and new customers, increased market share, positive new product introduction, and improved customer confidence/loyalty. The strategy can be adapted to meet several of these targets.
The long-term approach to marketing means that companies will provide several types of services and packages. Examples include:
  • website creation: building websites for a new company or reinventing old company websites; 
  • search engine optimization: targeted actions for an improved website ranking in Google, can improve brand visibility;
  • online advertising: targeted online ads for products and services on Google, suited to the needs of the client;
  • social media: targeted social media campaigns, complete with content designed for each channel.
Other services can include copywriting, specialized advertising strategies and consultancy for companies in Malaysia.
These businesses will not require special permits and licenses. Our team of attorneys in Malaysia can give you more details.

Opening a company in Malaysia

Investors who wish to open a digital marketing company can reach out to our agents for complete assistance during the registration phase. We can help reserve the company name, prepare the incorporation documents and handle the submission with the SSM.
Contact our law firm in Malaysia for complete services for company formation and special assistance for foreign investors who wish to open a marketing company in Kuala Lumpur or another city.