Open a Catering Company in Malaysia

Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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Opening a catering company in Malaysia can be a lucrative business, especially since investors who provide these types of services can also engage in other, related activities like event planning, if they want to expand the scope of their business.

Catering companies can provide various types of packages to their clients, according to size and niche. Because Malaysia is a multicultural country, where cuisine varies according to ethnicity, investors in Malaysia have numerous opportunities for entering the food business.

One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you complete information about the steps for opening a company and the requirements for businesses that produce, store and sell food.

Catering companies in Malaysia

The culinary style in Malaysia is a diverse one, which can be divided according to the three major ethnic groups that make up the country’s population: Malay, Chinese and Indian. The official religion, Islam, is also a strong influence on the country’s cuisine, in that the meat is prepared according to Halal standards.

Catering companies in Malaysia tend to the culinary preference of individuals who attend all types of events. Companies can specialize only in corporate events for example or provide the food for other types of celebrations like weddings, memorials, and private or themed parties.

The quality of the food and customer service are two important ingredients for any investor who considers setting up a catering company in Malaysia. Apart from deciding on one or more types of cuisine, investors will also need to hire trained staff like chefs and waiters and prepare and store the food in premises that are in accordance with the local laws for foodstuff production and hygiene.

Investors can talk to one of our attorneys in Malaysia to find out specific details on the requirements for catering company headquarters in Kuala Lumpur or any other Malaysian city.

Licenses for catering companies in Malaysia

Catering businesses comply not just with premises standards but also with licensing requirements. In Malaysia, a license or permit will be needed depending on the type of activity. Those catering companies that want to open a food establishment need to obtain a composite license and other licenses or certificates for certain food products.

One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you apply for the needed food permits and licenses and open a catering company. We can also help you during the company registration process.

You have at hand the legal support provided by one of our commercial lawyers in Malaysia for the problems you encounter. We advise you to discuss with us if you are faced with corporate disputes because these problems can be quite time-consuming. We will assure clients that they receive the optimal defense strategies and solutions to overcome such problems. On another note, we are here to help you also in the case of signing contracts or business partnerships.

Contact our law firm in Malaysia for more information on how to open a business.