Open a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

Updated on Monday 10th December 2018

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Many transport companies in Malaysia will look to work with a reliable truck service center in order to maintain their fleet in optimal condition. 
Our company formation lawyers in Malaysia can help investors set up a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment. Our complete packages include the actual company incorporation but also legal assistance and counseling for observing the laws in force. We can also provide specialized legal counseling for foreign investors who wish to know more about the conditions under which they can open a company in Malaysia.

Transport equipment repair companies in Malaysia 

Logistics companies in Malaysia offer complex services for a number of industries and all of these companies need to maintain their felt consisting of various types of trucks in good condition.  Larger companies will also have a fleet consisting of trailers and trucks as well as containers used for haulage. All of these companies need to request services for the repair and maintenance of their fleet periodically or as needed and many of them will outsource the repair work.
The list below offers a number of types of services that can be offered by companies that provide transport equipment repair and maintenance:
  • Truck repair and service: complete maintenance and repair services for various types of trucks; can include electronic diagnosis, parts change and emergency towing.
  • Trailer repair and service: services offered to another specialized category of vehicles, trailers, focuses on repair work that concerns the hydraulic gear, coupling units and electrical or pneumatic faults that may occur during the usage of a trailer.
  • Auto parts supplies: companies that offer repair and maintenance services can also be authorized part dealers and can supply the needed parts for a truck or another transport vehicle.
  • Various mechanical repairs: includes the repair works for the clutch, brakes, chassis, suspensions, air systems; additional services for maintenance and servicing can also refer to repairing of vehicles.
  • Service inspection: can be a seasonal service provided to large transport and logistics companies that need a regular report on the status of their fleet.
  • General maintenance: general transport vehicle maintenance irrespective of type or model can include oil changes, wheel alignment, tire changes, washing and a number of different other services. 
  • Preventive maintenance: services aiming to increase the longevity of a truck fleet; can include inspections, regular part checkups, and replacements.
Some companies that specialize in transport equipment repair and maintenance will also offer conversion or custom modification services; they can add side panels and roofs, convert doors as well as fabricating underbody trailer tool boxes. Refurbishing services for trailers can also be included in the general services.
Our team of attorneys in Malaysia can answer your questions regarding the conditions for opening this type of business. Below, we present a general guideline on the main steps needed to open a new company and then start the transport equipment repair services.

Opening a company in Malaysia

Investors who wish to open a company for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment in Malaysia should follow these steps:
  • choose the appropriate business form
  • choose a company name and verify its availability
  • prepare the company documents
  • open a bank account and deposit the minimum share capital
  • register the company with the Company’s Commission of Malaysia (SSM).
These types of companies in Malaysia are required not only to follow the general rules for company incorporation as well as tax registration but also an additional set of practices. The nature of the work will require that the employees follow the regulations set forth by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you more information on the rules for safety and personal protective equipment for a certain type of business.
Malaysia has a developed network of land transportation and the demand for transport equipment repair and maintenance services is in place for vehicles like trucks, pickups, prime movers, trailers and others. With more companies entering this business sector, the requirements for repair services are also likely to grow.
Starting a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment can be an easy process and it can be assisted by our team of company formation lawyers in Malaysia. We can assist you during the pre-incorporation phase, during the SSM submission and for the purpose of tax registration.
Contact our law firm in Malaysia for a complete list of services offered to investors.