Obtain Visa for Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 24th January 2023

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Malaysia has a visa policy for those who wish to visit the country for business or leisure purposes. Individuals coming into the country must also hold a passport that is valid for at least six months following the date of entry into the country. Applying for a visa to enter Malaysia is done by observing the regulations set forth by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Immigration Office in the country is another agency that can decide to filter those individuals who wish to relocate to Malaysia

Our lawyers in Malaysia can help you with detailed advice, according to your nationality and your purpose of stay in the country. We are here to help you immigrate to Malaysia.

Visa requirements in Malaysia

Nationals of an ASEAN country except for Myanmar who wish to move to Malaysia for less than one month are not required to apply for a visa. Those who stay more than one month are required to have a visa. An exception applies in the case of Singapore and Brunei nationals. Nationals of the following Commonwealth countries require a visa to enter Malaysia: Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Pakistan, Mozambique, and Nigeria. A special consideration applies for Israeli citizens who need to obtain a visa for Malaysia and also an approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

You can talk more about the visa requirements according to the nationality with one of our attorneys in Malaysia. We can help you with detailed information, including visa fees for single and multiple entries, plus details about how to relocate to Malaysia. Clients interested in obtaining a visa for another country, for example for Switzerland, can receive immigration assistance from our Swiss partners.

Visa application procedure in Malaysia

In order to obtain a visa for Malaysia, applicants must submit the following:

- visa application forms, filled in;
- passport size photographs;
- a copy of the national ID card and passport copy;
- bank statement;
- sponsor’s letter (for family member applications) or company letters (for business purposes);
- proof of secured booking in Malaysia for the duration of the stay;
- airplane tickets, including the confirmed return ticket.

These requirements may vary according to nationality, length, and purpose of the stay. Investors who want to open a company in Malaysia can do so with the help of a local agent through a power of attorney if their presence in the country is conditioned by a visa for a certain amount of time. If you would like to move to Malaysia, give us a call.

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Please feel free to contact our law firm in Malaysia if you have questions about the visa application procedure and how you can live, work and do business in Malaysia. We can help you immigrate to Malaysia.