Obtain Business License in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 19th February 2018

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Before they can legally engage in any activity, entrepreneurs must obtain a business license in Malaysia. The first one that is required of all companies is a general license, proof of registration with the Companies Commission. Other licenses for companies will depend on the business activities investors will wish to develop.

Our attorneys in Malaysia highlight the main steps for obtaining a business license.

The general business license in Malaysia

The general business license is necessary for all entrepreneurs who decide to incorporate a company in Malaysia. Upon registration, companies must provide a unique business name, a date for the commencement of business, the main place of business and information about the business owners as well as the main types of activities undertaken by that company. The registration form and fees are submitted to the Companies Commission in Malaysia (SSM).

Other business licenses that may be included in a “general” category include those related to income tax registration, business premise license and signboard license. Our lawyers in Malaysia can give you further details on the application procedure for other licenses, such as those for social security organization.

The particularities of business licenses in Malaysia

The new business is to be registered no later than 30 days from the commencement of the business activities. The business's registration license is valid for at least one year and does not exceed five years.

The Business Registration Certificate is issued to the applicant as soon as the payment of the fee is processed. This can take up as little as one hour.

All businesses in Malaysia are registered with the Companies Commission, however, this does not rule out any other obligations the business owner has with regards to obtaining different special permits and licenses. These are sector-specific licenses and industry-specific ones that are applied for after the general license is obtained. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you specific information about these licenses, according to business field.

You can contact the experts at our law firm in Malaysia for complete assistance during the company formation procedure.