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Updated on Wednesday 21st April 2021

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A medical lawyer is the same as a malpractice attorney. These advisors can represent Malaysians or foreigners in Malaysia who suffered personal injuries as a result of bad medical treatment. There are other fields in which a medical lawyer in Malaysia can provide in-depth legal representation and advice, but for more details, you can directly discuss with us.

How can a medical lawyer in Malaysia help me?

As mentioned above, a medical lawyer can properly represent former patients who received inappropriate medical treatments or suffered from an incorrect surgical intervention that aggravated the health. In this case, an individual can sue the hospital or even the doctors and ask for compensation. Unfortunately, medical negligence might appear at a certain point and can implicate the following types of cases:
  • A surgical intervention where the nerve was affected by mistake and developed paralysis.
  • An operation where medical materials and/or foreign objects were left inside by error.
  • Birth injuries that affected the baby.
  • Providing another blood type transfusion, instead of the one required for the patient.
  •  An incorrect diagnosis followed by a treatment that only aggravated the health of the patient.
Even alternative medicine practitioners might get involved in a medical negligence case and be sued by a patient who suffered from inappropriate treatment. The cases of medical malpractice have serious life consequences and persons involved should solicit the legal advice of our medical lawyer in Malaysia. Our specialists can help you claim compensation by handling the entire formalities and process. You can also watch the following video presentation:


Other cases in which legal advice is offered by a medical lawyer in Malaysia

Besides helping victims of medical negligence claim compensation, a medical lawyer can also guide doctors and hospitals from a legal point of view. Covering health insurance issues, general support for medical businesses, drug regulations, patients’ rights are a few of the fields covered by our team of medical attorneys in Malaysia. The health privacy laws can be explained by one of our experts to medical personnel, to have a clear picture about breaches that might intervene at a certain point. We also mention that our Malaysian medical lawyers closely work with specialists in the medical field when dealing with malpractice cases.

Requirements for a medical negligence case in Malaysia

Individuals who want to claim compensation in medical malpractice cases can be represented by one of our medical lawyers in Malaysia, with experience in this field. Such a case requires full attention in terms of documents needed to prepare a case. Documents from the hospital, evidence of the treatment offered, photos or video (where applicable), and medical receipts are just some of the materials required by your legal representative, in order to make the necessary inspections and prepare the file. Any document that can support your case is essential for claiming compensation. Regardless of the situation you face, it is more than advisable to seek specialized help and guidance. Get in touch with our medical lawyers in Malaysia and find out the full details.

Asking for the support of our medical negligence lawyers in Malaysia

Have you been involved in medical negligence cases? Are you interested in claiming compensation for the injuries suffered? It is time to meet our experienced medical lawyers in Malaysia. Our professional team of attorneys has expertise in the medical field and already successfully managed a series of cases of medical malpractice. It is a known fact that a medical negligence case has a serious impact on victims and their families which is why legal advice is suggested. We work in complete attention to each case and we can offer the type of legal advice that is needed. Plus, many of our clients are sustained by family members. Hence, it is important to know that if you cannot get in touch with us due to bad health status, your family can represent you for gathering evidence and claiming compensation. We present you a few facts and figures about medical negligence cases in Malaysia:
  • According to, nearly 134 million unsafe care cases are registered each year.
  • The cases of medical negligence doubled during 2016-2018 in Malaysia and involved wrong surgical interventions and blood transfusion errors.
If you would like to know more about the legal advice offered by our medical lawyer in Malaysia, we propose you contact our specialists. Legal advice is offered right away.