Marriage in Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 27th December 2022

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Malaysia has many beautiful wedding venues and couples often choose to officialise their relationship in a beautiful location or resort by the beach. Marriage in Malaysia is subject to certain regulations and the couple needs to fulfill a number of legal requirements, as well as submit adequate documentation.

Foreigners who are looking forward their perfect wedding in Malaysia can request professional assistance and/or wedding packages. Legal aid is also helpful when dealing with the Malaysian authorities and a Malaysian law firm can provide you with the needed legal advice.

Malaysian marriage requirements

Marriage in Malaysia is straightforward; however, an important requirement is that the individuals who are planning to get married in the country must reside in Malaysia at least seven days before submitting their marriage applications with the National Registration Department. If one or both individuals have been married before, they will need to provide adequate documentation regarding the divorce or the death certificates of the previous spouses, whichever the case.

During the initial document submission phase, the couple must provide the following documentation:
- the marriage application form;
- identity card copy (for Malaysian residents) or passport copies and arrival date for non-residents;
- birth certificate copies;
- single status certification;
- colored passport photographs for both individuals; 

Other documents may be required for obtaining the single status certificate and they may be subject to the requirements in the couple’s country of origin. The registration of the marriage can take place 21 days after the submission of the documents but no later than six months from this date. 

One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you detailed information about the legal requirements for marriage, the needed documentation, and advice on additional issues concerning family law, such as prenuptial agreements or matters related to the division of property between spouses.

Getting married in Malaysia for foreigners 

Malaysia has many destinations that can be the décor for the ideal beach or exotic wedding. While there are many companies or resorts that provide wedding services, foreign tourists or expats are advised to seek legal consultation in order to have all the documents in order and enjoy the wedding day without having to worry about legal considerations.

Do you want citizenship in Malaysia? You have at your disposal the legal services offered by our lawyers with experience in immigration matters. All documents can be prepared with our help, and those interested must prove that they have lived in this country for at least 10 years and that they also know the spoken language. A free case evaluation can be provided to those interested, so contact us as soon as you decide on this kind of application.

You can contact our team of Malaysian lawyers for more information on how to legally get married in Malaysia and any other questions concerning family law.