Maritime Law in Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 27th December 2022

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The Maritime Law in Malaysia is supervised by the Marine Department, which acts under the governance of the Ministry of Transport. All business affairs and transports that take place within Malaysian waters, coastal or otherwise, are subject to regulation.

The Marine Department oversees the safety of navigation, privies special services to ships navigating in Malaysian waters and ports and performs the registration and licensing of ships and boats. Ship accidents, maritime safety and the control of marine pollution also fall under its attributes.

Companies in Malaysia that engage in maritime transportation activities need to obtain the proper licenses for functioning. Our lawyers in Malaysia who specialize in Maritime Law can help you with any issues concerning international and local laws for maritime safety and transport. 

Malaysian maritime laws

The Marine Department of Malaysia is the one in charge of several acts and subsidiary laws concerning the marine transportation of passengers and cargo.

Some of the most important Acts concerning maritime activities developed along the coastal and inland waters in Malaysia include the Merchant Shipping Ordinance, the Federation Light Dues Act, the Act on Petroleum Safety and its subsequent amendments. The experts at our law firm in Malaysia can give you complete information on these laws.

Malaysia has also signed a number of international conventions. These include issues like oil pollution, the prevention of sea collisions, the safety of life at sea, the prevention of pollution from harmful substances, and others.

Shipping regulations in Malaysia

According to Malaysian laws, a ship is considered a Malaysian one if it is fully owned by one or more Malaysian citizens or by one or more corporations that are incorporated in Malaysia or that have their main office located in the country.

Only registered ships are to be recognized as Malaysian ships. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you comply with the registration regulations and submit the necessary documents.

We can also help you with information about the types of ships that are exempt from registration, such as those that do not exceed 15 tons net. 

We invite you to discuss with our lawyers about citizenship in Malaysia and the formalities involved. We can take care of the necessary documents and also collaborate with the relevant authorities. Thus, our clients will ensure that the process of obtaining citizenship will not involve problems or complexities related to the eligibility criteria. Contact us and discover our legal services.

You can contact our attorneys in Malaysia if you need further information about the regulations on domestic shipping and licenses, rules concerning passenger ships or regulations applicable to ships that are engaged in import and export activities.