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Updated on Thursday 15th September 2016

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The Land Registry in Malaysia also referred to as the Land Office, receives all applications to register a newly purchased or transferred property, after the initial deal on the sale has been concluded.

Land titles need to be registered with the Land Registry in order to conclude the ownership transfer process and allow the new land owner to have full ownership and rights. The experts at our law office in Malaysia can help you during this process, if you cannot be present in the country or if you need additional information about the documents needed to be registered and how they are submitted.

Property registration in Malaysia

A mandatory step after concluding a property sale agreement is to register the property with the Land Registry. The actual registration takes place after the applicant submits the sale and purchase agreement with the Stamp Office. At this stage, the applicant must also submit a form, pay the stamp duty and make sure that the valuation of the property was made in accordance with the principles set forth by the Valuation and Property Services Department.

The actual registration stage takes place after the processing phase when the form, stamp duty, and property valuation are submitted. Upon registration, the transfer of the property is made. The following documents are submitted to the Land Registry for registration purposes:
-    the original Document of Title;
-    copies of the buyer’s and the seller’s identification documents;
-    copies of the documents that attest the cessation of any rent on the property;
-    proof of payment of the registration fee.

Our lawyers in Malaysia can help you submit these documents and they can represent your best interests during the sale/purchase transaction if you are a foreign investor in the country interested in purchasing real estate.

Additional information on property and land transactions in Malaysia

After the registration process is complete, the name of the new owner will be included in the newly issued Document of Title for the Malaysian property. If all the documents are in order, the buyer of the property can receive the new Document within one working day.

Land in Malaysia can be transferred to a Malaysian citizen over the age of 18 and to non-nationals and foreign companies if they have received an approval from the State Authority. The registration is not required in case of properties without individual titles.

For more information on how to purchase property in Malaysia and the registration procedure with the Land Office, please contact our law firm in Malaysia.



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