Listing on the Stock Exchange in Malaysia

Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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The economic growth of commercial companies in Malaysia leads to their listing on the Stock Exchange in Malaysia (Bursa Malaysia). This procedure enables companies to issue shares to the public and to collect additional capital and funds needed for further development. The decision of listing on the Stock Exchange in Malaysia should take into consideration the nature of the company, the products it has to offer and the type of market where stocks will be traded. Our team of lawyers in Malaysia can provide you with complete information on this procedure.


Listing requirements on Bursa Malaysia

Companies seeking listing on the Stock Exchange in Malaysia have to choose between two dynamic markets. Companies who are interested in raising funds should opt for the Main Market, where large local Malaysian companies (Petronas, Air Asia etc.) trade their shares. ACE Market, the alternative market, is a sponsor-driven platform oriented towards growing companies from all business sectors. All companies that are considering listing on the Stock Exchange in Malaysia should prove their economic sustainability and growth.

The listing process on Bursa Malaysia usually takes seven months. Local and foreign companies require a primary listing and acquisition companies need a listing of special purpose. The listing process and criteria differ considerably between the Main Market and ACE Market. Company holders interested in listing on the Stock Exchange in Malaysia can contact our local team of Malaysian lawyers.

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Advantages of listing on Bursa Malaysia

The main advantage of listing a company on Bursa Malaysia is raising of money and sharing the risk of ownership among multiple shareholders. Other advantages for the listed company include:

•    market exposure and economic prestige,
•    the ability to raise extra funds by issuing more stocks,
•    making the company attractive to potential employees,
•    economic leverage when applying for loans from financial institutions,
•    additional advertising – increased visibility among institutional traders, mutual and hedge funds.

Our law firm in Malaysia can offer an extensive presentation of the listing incentives.