Legislation on Foreign Investments in Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 24th January 2023

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Legislation on Foreign Investments in Malaysia Image
Malaysia has always encouraged foreign investments in the country and offered complete and suitable legislation in this matter. The Economic Transformation Program in Malaysia comes with interesting initiatives and reforms related to foreign investments in Malaysia. The legislation regarding foreign investments can be entirely explained by our lawyers in Malaysia, who can also provide you with legal services for your company in the country.

Important programs to sustain foreign investments in Malaysia

The GTP in Malaysia (Government Transformation Program) has complete and interesting aims and involves the improvement of education, transportation, health and rural infrastructure sectors. The ETP in Malaysia (Economic Transformation Program) sustains foreign investments in the country in important sectors like oil and gas, electronics, machinery, green energy, health, and infrastructure. Foreign investments are expected to grow this year by about 10% compared to the numbers registered last year. We remind you that overseas investors can acquire already made Malaysian companies without having to wait for approvals from the Malaysian Foreign Investment Committee, but with a suitable investment plan as background.

It is good to know that the authorities in Malaysia still encourage long-term investments in the public services and manufacturing sector. We remind you that our Malaysian lawyers can provide you with assistance when opening a company in the country or making investments.

Benefits for overseas investors in Malaysia

Once you have decided it is time to open a company in Malaysia, we recommend considering the advantages and the inducements offered by the government for investors from abroad. For instance, if you want to make investments in cities with higher importance and priority for the Malaysian authorities, your company will not pay taxes for 15 years and more. Attracting investments in Malaysia was an easy plan after the country’s struggle to implement different reforms to increase commercial activity as much as possible. For example, the Productivity Commission in Malaysia has simplified the conditions to obtain licenses for all kinds of activities and sectors.

Residency in Malaysia can be easily obtained if you have our team of specialists on your side. Legal advice is important in this endeavor, and our lawyers will ensure that all the necessary documents are drawn up correctly before being presented to the immigration authorities. You have the possibility to apply for family members as well if you want to relocate with them to Malaysia.

If you want more details about the legislation on foreign investments, you are invited to contact our law firm in Malaysia.