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Updated on Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Subang Jaya is an industrial hub in Malaysia that includes several industrial parks. The town is located in the Petaling District, Selangor and it is also a university hub. 

The city is very well-connected to other regions and important Malaysian towns such as Kuala Lumpur. Large development and constructions projects are under way in Subang Jaya. 

Foreign investors in Malaysia have many investment opportunities in Subang Jaya, including but not limited to residential and commercial investment. 

Our team of lawyers in Malaysia works with foreign investors who are interested in doing business in the country and our experts are able to guide you if you need legal advice for investing in different Malaysian cities.

Legal services in Subang Jaya

If you decide that Subang Jaya has attractive amenities and are looking towards starting a business collaboration or negotiation, it is advisable to research before investing in property or signing contracts with a Malaysian company.

Our attorneys in Subang Jaya are able to help you open a company in Malaysia or perform other business operations like mergers and acquisitions. If you decide that commercial and residential investments are a good business opportunity, one of our lawyers can help you with legal advice on entering various business agreements for construction projects. 

Various construction or real estate projects will need to comply with the local construction regulations. Our lawyers in Malaysia are able to help you obtain the needed permits and licenses. Investing in shops and restaurants can also be a lucrative business option since Subang Jaya is an educational center and there are many students living in the city and the surrounding areas. 

Lawyers in Malaysia 

The services provided by our team of lawyers are reliable and diligent. We can help you open or close a company in Malaysia and handle any legal issues related to private investments and company ownership.

If you are looking for legal aid in other Malaysian cities, our lawyers in Kajang, Klang or Seberang Perai can provide you with the needed legal assistance.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Malaysia if you need specific information on the law for foreign investments in the country.