Lawyers in Seberang Perai

Updated on Tuesday 24th January 2023

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Seberang Perai is a town that has known an impressive development over the years and that is conveniently located to industrial estates and the Free Industrial Zone. Commercial and residential projects are taking shape as well as new investments in manufacturing are just some of the foreign investment projects that are planned for the region.

Our lawyers in Seberang Perai can help you open a company or engage in various business activities in the city.

Investments in Seberang Perai

Seberang Perai is located within Peninsular Malaysia and it is closely located to the Port of Penang. The city’s economic development meant better infrastructure and connection to the rest of the Malaysian provinces and a large intake of investment and development. Important industrial estates were established here and the city is basing its economic success on becoming an increasingly important commercial and industrial hub.

Investors in Malaysia can also look for tourism as an investment option in Seberang Perai. The requirements for establishing this type of business are different than for investments in real estate projects or construction but one of our lawyers in Malaysia can advise you on an adequate investment strategy.

Legal services in Malaysia

Our lawyers in Seberang Perai can answer your questions related to the legal requirements for investing in Malaysia. From the requirements for company registration to the usual company set-up process, one of our attorneys is able to guide and assist you. We can also help represent you in front of the Malaysian authorities. If needed, a power of attorney can be used by one of our lawyers to complete any needed tasks, payment or document drafting while you cannot be present in Seberang Perai. 

We can not only help you open a company in Malaysia but also help you obtain special permits and licenses. Alternatively, one of our lawyers can give you detailed information about other business options, such as company mergers and acquisitions. 

Representation in corporate and commercial litigation may also be needed while doing business in Seberang Perai. Our lawyers in Malaysia can help you during this time and can provide you with adequate legal counseling. 

If you want residency in Malaysia, we suggest you discover our legal services instead of acting on your own. Certain formalities may seem difficult or some documents may not be filled in correctly, which may lead to a rejection by the authorities. You also have the opportunity to invest in a property to obtain residency, but you can find out more details from our team.

You can contact our Malaysian law firm for more details on the legal services we provide in various locations throughout the country.