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Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2017

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Representation in commercial or corporate litigation, assistance when opening a company, guidance when applying for licenses, tax advice or financial consultancy are among the important legal services provided by our lawyers in Klang. Our fast, reliable and suitable services are the proper options for any foreign or local entrepreneur who wants to open a company in Malaysia and to develop profits.


Suitable guidance when opening a company in Klang

Pelabuhan Klang is a royal town in Malaysia, with openings at the Malacca Channel, an important business passage for all Asian countries around, but also for many other states who want to explore the business possibilities here. When deciding to open a company in Klang, it is recommended to ask for help and guidance from our local lawyers. They are able to offer complete assistance when preparing the documents, and when registering the enterprise for tax purposes. Entrepreneurs can choose to open limited liability companies, sole partnerships or public limited enterprises in Klang or elsewhere in Malaysia. Financial advice is mandatory when thinking of establishing a business, therefore, it is recommended to ask for guidance from our lawyers in Klang.

Legal assistance for tax matters in Klang

The taxation system in Malaysia needs to be properly understood before the entrance on the market as a foreign or local entrepreneur. Complete information about the taxes you need to pay and about the benefits you need to receive can be entirely explained by our lawyers in Klang. As a foreign entrepreneur in Malaysia or in Klang, one should know that legal advice and assistance are mandatory when hiring the staff and starting the activities. If you would like to have foreign employees, particular requirements need to be considered when preparing the documentation for the visas and work permits, necessary for the legal activities in the country or in Klang city.

Additional information and details about our legal services can be found if you contact our Malaysian law firm.