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Updated on Wednesday 22nd February 2017

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Kajang is a modern and developed city, with an interesting history, which dates back in 1709, when it was established. There are many important and significant business opportunities in Kajang, and foreign investors can benefit from the incentives and reforms offered by the government who always encouraged the investments in Malaysia. If you are a foreign or local entrepreneur interested in opening a company in Kajang, it is recommended to ask for legal advice and guidance from our law firm in Kajang.

Why choose our legal services in Kajang?

If you have decided that Kajang is the proper city for your future activities as an entrepreneur, it is recommended to receive legal assistance from our lawyers in Malaysia who can ease the registration process for your company, according to the legal procedures specified under the legislation in Malaysia. Any company must register for tax purposes, therefore, you can also receive help in this matter when preparing the documents to register for VAT in Malaysia. Regarding the taxation system in the country, one should know that he can obtain tax exemptions or deductions if the company comes from a state that signed a double taxation convention with Malaysia.

Suitable legal services for your company in Kajang

Our attorneys in Kajang can offer complete and correct information about the types of permits and licenses you need to obtain before starting the activities. Regarding the financial matters of a company in Malaysia, it is advisable to receive consulting services related to the taxation in the country or about how to make proper investments for further profits. Mergers and acquisitions in Kajang city are also normal operations a company deals with, therefore suitable guidance in this matter is recommended. If your enterprise deals with litigation or contract disputes, our Malaysia law firm can represent your case in any court of law in the country. As a short conclusion, our legal services are fast and reliable, important aspects to consider when searching what’s best for your company in Kajang.

If you have any other questions about our legal services, you are invited to contact our law firm in Malaysia.