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Updated on Wednesday 26th August 2020

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Our lawyers in Penang are at your disposal with a wide range of legal services, for both natural persons and company owners. We have experience in varied areas and we can offer consultancy and legal advice at any time, regardless of the problems or issues you deal with. We present to you a few of the legal services we can provide for our clients, mentioning that our lawyers in Penang are here to help from the beginning.

Legal support for business formation

Setting up a company in Malaysia can be a smooth process that can be entirely overseen by one of our lawyers in Penang. Once the foreign investors decide on the proper business structure they intend to open, our advisors will start the registration process with the authorities. The assistance for company formation in Malaysia is important, especially for international entrepreneurs who do not have a clear picture of the business climate in this country. Our advisors will comply with the local laws regarding the registration of a company in Malaysia. Here is how they can help:
  1. Drafting and submitting the company documents.
  2. Providing support for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for business.
  3. Support for opening a bank account in Malaysia for depositing the minimum share capital.
  4. Registration for taxation in Malaysia
These are a few of the aspects that concern the registration of a business in Malaysia, and one of our lawyers in Penang can help. Feel free to talk to us and ask for legal advice if you want to start a business in Malaysia.

Support for litigation cases

The business climate in Malaysia is quite active and unfortunately, commercial disputes and problems might occur. This is where our lawyers in Penang can represent your interests. Tax litigation, intellectual property disputes are the type of problems that might arise in the business environment and company owners must pay attention to the importance of legal assistance and representation.  Our team of lawyers in Penang can represent your interests and company in the court of law and can create a suitable defence for you, so feel free to give us a call.

Debt collection lawyers in Penang

Our lawyers in Penang can help companies recover their debts and can propose a series of solutions in order to solve such issues in an amicable manner. The debt collection process starts with a notification for debtors and information about the payments they need to make. Then, a new payment plan is offered to debtors with the help of negotiation and our team of lawyers in Penang. The legal action is then taken if it is the only solution to recover the debts. One of our lawyers in Penang who is specialized in debt collection can represent your interests and can help you recover the debts. Please feel free to solicit our assistance and benefit from our complete legal services.

Legal advice for tax matters

The registration for taxation for a company in Malaysia might be complex for foreign entrepreneurs, but with complete support and legal advice from our lawyers in Penang, the process can be properly overseen. Also, company owners must align with the tax requirements and social contributions of workers in the firm. This is a matter where our lawyers in Penang can help.

Investments in Malaysia

Malaysia is a great investment destination for foreigners who want to thrive in this part of Asia and to establish their operations in the most appealing business sectors. Knowing the investment legislation for international entrepreneurs will be a plus at the time a company is incorporated in Malaysia, so legal assistance can be provided by one of our lawyers in Penang. The exploitation of natural resources, tourism, manufacturing, and the chemical sector are appealing areas to foreign investors in Malaysia. Below we have gathered a few facts and figures that highlight the economy of Malaysia:
  • around USD 169 billion was the total FDI stock for Malaysia in 2019;
  • approximately USD 8.9 billion was the total value of the greenfield investments in Malaysia in 2019;
  • the World Bank ranks Malaysia 12 out of 190 economies in the world, as stated by the Doing Business report for 2020.
  • Singapore, China, Japan, and USA are the major investors in Malaysia.
People interested in legal advice for debt collection recovery, litigation, company formation, mergers & acquisitions, tax advice & planning, special licenses and permits, financial company matters, and other legal aspects can contact our team of lawyers in Penang