Immigrate to Malaysia from Canada

Updated on Friday 12th August 2022

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Canadian nationals do not need a visa to enter Malaysia if they intend to stay here for 90 days. However, there is a need for a visa if they want to relocate to Malaysia. It is important to note that for the moment, the Malaysian authorities are currently banned to enter Malaysia, the only exception refers to persons who need certain approvals issued by the immigration bodies. Legal advice and assistance on how to immigrate to Malaysia can be offered by one of our lawyers in Malaysia.

Visa regulations for Canadian citizens in Malaysia

According to the Immigration Law in Malaysia, there is no need for a visa as a Canadian who wants to enter this country and stay up to 3 months. Free entrance is possible, yet, a Canadian citizen must have a valid passport for at least 6 months where the social visit stamp will be placed. The following rules are imposed by the Malaysian Immigration department:
  • The visa application form must comprise personal information.
  • The Canadian passport must be valid for at least 6 months to enter Malaysia.
  • A letter of invitation can be requested by the immigration authorities in Malaysia.
  • Proof of financial status necessary for your stay in Malaysia is required.
We remind you that a visa is needed if you intend to immigrate to Malaysia and stay for more than 90 days. The visa process requires attention, therefore, it is best to have the legal support of a Malaysian lawyer. We have experience in immigration matters and we can help Canadians relocate to Malaysia.

Are there any currency restrictions in Malaysia?

Yes, Canadian citizens cannot enter with more than USD 10,000 or equivalent. This kind of restriction enters the attention of Malaysian authorities, so make sure you understand this important rule. We are here to help you immigrate to Malaysia.

Student visa for Malaysia

Canadian students need approval issued by the Immigration Department Director-General in Malaysia, which is the Travel Authorization Form. This kind of approval must be submitted if the college is aware of your travel intention, and if you booked a flight to Malaysia. Our lawyers in Malaysia will work closely with the authorities in charge and with the university you selected for future courses in this country, Canadian students must respect the requirements imposed and make sure they obtain the Travel Authorization approval before the student visa application. All the aspects can be handled by our advisors who can help you move to Malaysia.

Company relocation to Malaysia

Canadian companies can be easily relocated to Malaysia, following a few important regulations. First of all, the company must be de-registered from Canada, not before verifying if the activities can be established in Malaysia. Then, the Canadian company will be registered as a limited liability company in Malaysia, being represented by a local agent (one of our Malaysian lawyers can represent your firm). Malaysian authorities in charge of business verification impose to foreigners to hire local staff, in a specific percent, and that to offer opportunities for economic development in Malaysia. All you need to know about company relocation to Malaysia, plus the specific registration fees can be offered by our Malaysian lawyers. If you want to immigrate from Canada to Malaysia, you are invited to discuss with our specialists and find out more.

Making investments in Malaysia

The high number of foreign investors in Malaysia shows a big interest in the country’s main productive industries. Besides the skilled and experienced workforce available in Malaysia, international investors enjoy other business advantages too, like a great tax system, the ease of doing business, and several encouragements offered by the Malaysian government. Tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, food and beverages, financial and insurance, energy, and retail are among the sectors that offer many business opportunities for both domestic and international investors who want to generate profits in this part of Asia. Here are some interesting facts and figures that highlight the economy and the business direction of Malaysia:
  • Around USD 8.9 billion was the total value of the greenfield investments in Malaysia in 2019.
  • As for the total FDI stock for Malaysia in the same year, this stood at around USD 169 billion.
  • Malaysia ranks 12th out of 190 economies in the world, as stated by the 2020 doing business report.
Do you want to know more about how to immigrate to Malaysia from Canada? You are invited to contact our team of lawyers in Malaysia. We have a dedicated team of lawyers specialized in immigration who can help Canadians obtain the necessary visas and move to Malaysia.