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Updated on Tuesday 07th September 2021

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Malaysia is a popular tourist destination and also a great place to immigrate. You can get different types of visas for Malaysia depending on eligibility and validity. Along with student visas, different kinds of work visas like employment passes, temporary employment passes, professional visa passes, and spouse visas are available in this country. Malaysia also welcomes citizens from all over the world to become long-term residents under Malaysia My Second Home Program. You can immigrate to Malaysia by obtaining any of the visas discussed above.

Get in touch with our law firm in Malaysia for any legal assistance regarding your plan of immigration to Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia and is situated in the southwestern part of the Malay Peninsula.  They will help you become a Malaysia permanent resident.

What is Malaysia My Second Home Program?

This visa program allows the applicant, her/his spouse, and the dependent children under the age of 21 to immigrate to Malaysia for up to 10 years. But they must comply with the financial and medical criteria of the program. This allows individuals to buy a property that has been approved by the Foreign Investment Committee of Malaysia, apply for state ID cards, invest in the share market and local companies, get tax-exemption for foreign-source income, purchase a vehicle and apply for 1 maid (a female domestic servant). Please bear in mind, this program does not allow the applicant to work full-time in Malaysia, but if he/she is over the age of 50 may work part-time.

Our lawyers can facilitate you with your plan of immigration to Penang which is an island located off the western coast of the Malay Peninsula. So, if you have a plan of immigration to Penang, get in touch with our lawyers, they will guide you to all the suitable visas and you can select the program that suits you the best to immigrate to Malaysia.

Eligibility criteria for Malaysia My Second Home Program

If you want to immigrate to Malaysia by this program, you have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
  • The applicant and her/her dependents need to undergo a medical checkup in Malaysia at any registered hospital;
  • The applicant and the individuals dependent on him/her must have valid medical insurance;

The applicants above the age of 50 years must fulfill the following requirements:
  • have a monthly income/pension of at least RM10,000;
  • prove adequate means to fulfill the financial expenses throughout his/her stay in Malaysia;
  • open a fixed deposit in any bank in Malaysia for a sum of RM350,000;
  • he/she may withdraw up to RM 50,000 for certain expenses after one year. But he/she still needs to maintain a balance of at least RM100,000 for the remaining nine years.

The applicants below the age of 50 must fulfill the following requirements:
  • hold liquid assets worth at least RM500,000;
  • have a monthly income of at least RM10,000;
  • open a fixed deposit in any bank in Malaysia for a sum of RM300,000;
  • the applicant may withdraw up to RM150,000 for certain expenses after one year. But he/she still needs to maintain a balance of at least RM150,000 for the remaining nine years.

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Work visa in Malaysia

Some work visas, the Malaysian government offers to foreigners, are presented below:
  • The employment pass: this visa is issued to those foreign nationals who are hired by a Malaysian company in a highly skilled position;
  • Temporary employment pass: this type of visa is issued for an employment duration of up to two years;
  • The professional visit pass: this pass is issued to those foreign nationals who are still hired by a foreign company, but want to come work in Malaysia temporarily (up to 12 months);

You can get the information regarding eligibility criteria and the application procedure for a work permit from our lawyers in Malaysia. They will guide you in every legal manner and help you with immigration to Kuala Lumpur.

Who is eligible to get a spouse visa in Malaysia?

The spouse visa or Malaysian Long-Term Social Visit Pass is available to the foreign national spouse of a Malaysian citizen, foreign nationals who are seeking medical treatment in Malaysia and one companion, or to the family members of Malaysia Employment Pass Holders:
  • Unmarried children over 21 years of age;
  • Common-law spouse;
  • Parents or parents-in-law.

You may seek any information about a Malaysian spouse visa from our local lawyers if you are planning to immigrate to Malaysia. Our lawyers can also provide assistance in the study visa procedure.

Number of immigrants in Malaysia (2005-2019)

Please find below the number of individuals who immigrated to Malaysia from 2005 to 2019:
  • In 2005, about 1,918.5 thousand individuals migrated to Malaysia;
  • In 2010, the immigrant’s number in Malaysia increased to 2,417.4 thousand;
  • In 2015, the number of immigrants in Malaysia was 3,280.68 thousand;
  • In 2019, about 3,430.38 thousand people immigrate to Malaysia.

If you are in a quest to immigrate to Malaysia, you can contact our lawyers without any hesitation. Our lawyers will provide you legal assistance with your plan of immigrating to Kuala Lumpur.