Immigrate from Russia to Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 25th May 2022

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If you want to immigrate from Russia to Malaysia you don’t need a visa. However, Russian citizens must comply with the formalities to obtain a visa that allows them to stay for one month in this country. Find out in this article what you need to do to get a visa if you are a Russian citizen and plan to move to Malaysia. Plus, our lawyers in Malaysia are ready to provide you with the necessary support to be able to comply with the formalities and obtain the desired documents.

How to get a visa for Malaysia

A tourist visa for Malaysia can be obtained by Russian citizens upon entering this country. If visa-free entry is allowed, things change when you enter Malaysia. Here are some of the formalities involved in this process:
  • Russian citizens are required to present a passport with validity of at least 6 months.
  • The Malaysian immigration authorities will stamp the passport with the desired visa which contains information about the length of stay.
  • Travel documents are also required.
  • As in other countries, Malaysia requires a valid COVID-19 certificate or a negative test.
  • It is necessary to present information about the finances you have and to be sufficient to be able to live in Malaysia.

So, these are some of the formalities you should consider if you want to immigrate from Russia to Malaysia. You can rely on the legal advice provided by our attorneys in Malaysia.

How to obtain a residence permit for Malaysia

If you want to immigrate from Russia to Malaysia for a longer period you need to apply for a residence permit. Here are some of the formalities to keep in mind if you want to obtain this type of document:
  • Malaysia PR can be obtained by Russian citizens who can make an investment of at least USD 2 million, without withdrawing the money for at least 5 years.
  • Highly-skilled professionals can obtain a residence permit for Malaysia if they have an endorsement, a Certificate of Good Conduct or if they are recommended by an authority in that country.
  • Point-based system for obtaining Malaysia PR considers age, profession, length of stay, investment, and work experience.
  • Children with an employment pass and marriage certificate are also required, along with a personalized cover letter.

We invite you to find out more about how to obtain a residence permit in Malaysia from our team of lawyers.

Russian company relocation to Malaysia

Russian citizens who want to relocate their business to Malaysia must follow a few rules. First of all, the process will start with the de-registration of the company from Russia. Secondly, you will have to register the business in accordance with the rules that are established in Malaysia regarding the incorporation of companies. A limited liability company is the most recommended business structure that can be set up with the help of the Trade Register in Malaysia. Our law firm in Malaysia can provide specialized help for relocating a Russian company to Malaysia.

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  • The manufacturing sector has absorbed over 39% of total foreign investment in Malaysia.
  • Financial and insurance services are another important sector in Malaysia, with investments of over 24% of the total.
  • Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and the USA are among the most important foreign investors in Malaysia.

Want to know more about how to immigrate from Russia to Malaysia? Contact our law office in Malaysia for all legal issues related to immigration.