Establish an Online Shop in Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 28th November 2017

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Opening an online business is a simple and convenient method of starting your own business and selling to customers around the world.

In order to establish an online shop in Malaysia, investors will need to follow a set of procedures for incorporating a company in the country and comply with the existing regulations for these types of businesses.

One of our lawyers in Malaysia is able to help you get started in the online business and benefit from the advantages of running this type of business.

How to start an online shop in Malaysia

The first step in opening an online shop in Malaysia is to determine what you want to sell. Your online business can start small and targeted, for example with only clothing and/or jewelry or accessories. Other investors prefer to develop the online sale platform itself and give entrepreneurs the chance to use their website as the online store where they put their products up for sale. You will need to acquire the products themselves unless you are also the manufacturer and you will need to arrange for adequate delivery/packaging options. Acquiring a domain name and a web host is the following issue to be addressed. 

After deciding on a product or products, branding is the next important step for an online business in Malaysia. Because today more and more shops are moving online or provide online version, it is important for the customer to be able to recognize you. Creating and promoting a brand and handling all of the issues related to intellectual property protection is an important step. One of our attorneys in Malaysia can help you apply for trademark registration.

How to open a company in Malaysia 

Business registration in Malaysia is mandatory and online shops need to be incorporated as a type of company of choice before they can engage in online trading.

The limited liability company is a preferred business form because it is a separate legal entity from the founder and the entrepreneur is protected in case of corporate bankruptcy. Having a unique name, bank account and local registered address are mandatory. Company registration is performed with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Online shops in Malaysia will also need to set up a merchant account, in order to process debit/credit card payments.

You can contact the experts at our law firm in Malaysia for complete answers to any questions related to setting up a business, online shop, business taxation and others.