Establish an Investment Fund in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 28th September 2016

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The fund management industry in Malaysia is a developed one and the country is becoming one of the key locations for basing an asset management company in South East Asia. Investment funds have assets from various sources, including but not limited to unit trust funds, private pension funds or corporations.

Investors who want to establish an investment fund in Malaysia must observe a set of basic regulations. Foreigners can request the help of a law firm in Malaysia during the fund incorporation phase.4

Investment funds in Malaysia

The funds that investors choose to invest in are the following:
-    equities;
-    fixed income securities;
-    unit trust funds;
-    private equities;
-    money market placements.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) or Syariah Funds are also two available options. Equity unit trusts are among the most popular because they allow investors to access the Malaysian companies listed on Bursa Malaysia. Fixed income funds will have a more limited investment option (such as corporate bonds) but they provide regular income.

One of the experts at our law firm in Malaysia is able to give you detailed information about the types of unit trusts and how you can set-up any one of them in Malaysia.

Laws regarding capital market investments in Malaysia

The Securities Commission in Malaysia is the enforcer of the available legislation in the fund management industry. The following Acts are the most important in terms of regulatory framework regarding trusts in Malaysia: the Securities Commission Act, the Capital Markets, and Services Act, the Securities Industry Act or the Futures Securities Act.

Fund management companies in Malaysia are subject to a set of rules imposed by the Securities Commission. In the development of their activities, they must have a supervision and control system, act in the best interest of their clients and have a good business conduct.

A wide range of investment plans is available to investors in Malaysia. For more information about available options please contact our lawyers in Malaysia.



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