Establish an Advertising Agency in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 05th April 2018

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The advertising industry in Malaysia is a dynamic one, that blends both traditional media and digital strategies including the use of interactive media and online campaigns. 

Investors who wish to establish an advertising agency in Malaysia need to follow a few steps for company formation and compliance with the local Malaysian laws for businesses. the help of our lawyers in Malaysia can be useful especially for foreign investors or foreign advertising companies looking to enter the market.

Starting an advertising agency in Malaysia 

Advertising agencies in Malaysia have the task of reaching out to a culturally diverse and evolving audience. The consumer base in the country is a large one and includes a large Chinese population as well as a large Islamic population. This dynamic is an interesting one and companies in Malaysia need to pay attention to the characteristics of the consumers and their lifestyle.

With the increased popularity of digital media, many advertising agencies in Malaysia are focusing solely on delivering online solutions. A separate division within an advertising business in Malaysia can include social media, as these types of platforms are highly engaging to users. Mobile advertising also accounts for a large portion of the total advertising expenditure.

Investors who wish to start an advertising business in Malaysia should have a business plan and become accustomed to how other agencies in Kuala Lumpur are approaching different market-specific projects. The industry includes both large international advertising companies and smaller businesses, each offering their services to clients in various business fields.

Company formation in Malaysia 

Starting a new company in Malaysia will include a few steps and foreign investors are not necessarily required to attend to them in person. One of the experts at our law firm in Malaysia can assist you during all of the company formation steps and can perform some of the registration tasks via a power of attorney.

All new companies are registered with the Companies Commission and need to have a registered office in Malaysia. Corporate income tax applies to the profits derived from the country which in the case of a resident Malaysian advertising agency will represent the worldwide profits.

You can contact our law firm in Malaysia for complete details on how our lawyers can assist you in opening a company.