Establish a Healthcare Company in Malaysia

Updated on Friday 17th February 2023

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The standard of medical care in Malaysia is high in the developed cities and less developed in the country’s rural areas. Medical professionals are well-trained and English is widely spoken in this field, given a large number of expats and foreign investors in the country.

Investors who wish to establish a healthcare company in Malaysia need to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals from the health authorities in the country. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you meet these necessary requirements, that apply to private clinics, private dental clinics, and other medical establishments.

Healthcare companies in Malaysia

A healthcare facility in Malaysia is defined as an establishment that provides healthcare services to public clients. These may include medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy or ambulance services and they may also be services related to medical screening, imaging, preventive services or generally any health-related services. 

No healthcare establishment may function without the proper approvals and licenses and medical practitioners need to be registered professionals. The license may be granted to sole proprietors in Malaysia, partnerships or corporations. One of our lawyers in Malaysia can give you complete details on these types of business structures.

The Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act is an important legislative resource for investors who want to start a healthcare company in Malaysia. Our attorneys in Malaysia can detail the provisions of this Act.

A separate business sector that presents an important potential for investment in Malaysia is the medical tourism market. A growing number of patients from western countries are seeking high-quality and affordable services and Malaysia is a popular location because it also offers numerous touristic options. 

How to open a company in Malaysia

Private healthcare providers in Malaysia will generally operate under a company limited by shares. This business form has at least one shareholder and one director and investors need to provide a minimum paid-up capital upon incorporation. 

One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you with complete company incorporation services.

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Contact our law office in Malaysia for more details on how to open a company and how our lawyers can be of service.