Establish a Fintech Company in Malaysia

Updated on Monday 30th October 2017

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Investors who want to establish a fintech company in Malaysia have access to a market that encourages the financial technology sector and the development of start-ups in this field.

Malaysia strives to provide a beneficial regulatory regime, clear guidelines, and a welcoming environment for companies in the fintech and blockchain sector.

One of our lawyers in Malaysia can help you understand the laws governing this type of business sector and the requirements for companies and investors.

The regulatory regime for financial technology companies in Malaysia

The fintech industry in Malaysia is developing rapidly and presents numerous opportunities to local and foreign investors. In an effort to regulate and develop this particular business field, Bank Negara Malaysia has developed a clear set of guidelines and a Regulatory Sandbox regime. The sandbox is a special regulatory regime that allows fintech companies in Malaysia to test their new technologies in a live environment. Special conditions apply to this possibility to test the innovative new products, such as special parameters and timeframes.

Malaysia encourages investments in technology entrepreneurship. Although the special programs do not target fintech investment, investors and start-up founders can benefit from certain corporate tax exemptions, lower costs for doing business, access to funding and other opportunities. 

One of our lawyers in Malaysia can answer specific questions about the laws for foreign investments, the different requirements for companies and the regulatory regime for companies in the fintech industry

Opening a company in Malaysia

Company formation in Malaysia is a fast and simple process, with a few basic requirements for entrepreneurs, among which having a business type, a unique name and have the new legal entity registered for business and tax purposes.

Company registration is performed with the Companies Commission in Malaysia. Limited liability companies, one of the most used business forms, can be incorporated with a paid-up capital of as little as 1 RM. 

Investors who need help opening a fintech company in the country can contact the experts at our law firm in Malaysia.