Employee / Personnel Relocation to Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 02nd May 2023

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If you are interested in employee/personnel relocation to Malaysia, you should know that the services of a Malaysian lawyer can be useful. He/she can take care of the necessary visa formalities, where applicable, as well as residence and work permits. Personnel relocation to Malaysia is a simple process if the immigration conditions are respected. In this article, you can discover some information about how employee relocation to Malaysia can be done.

Obtaining visas and work permits

The employment pass is required for personnel relocation to Malaysia. Practically, with this type of document you can work and live legally in Malaysia. In this sense, you must consider the following aspects:
  • The company interested in employee relocation to Malaysia can collaborate with our law firm in Malaysia to prepare the necessary documents. The employment contract is one of the documents required by the immigration authorities.
  • Depending on the country of origin of the employees, it is necessary to obtain an entry visa to Malaysia. In this process, a valid passport, health insurance, and standard application form are required.
  • Registration with the local authorities is mandatory, once the foreign employees have obtained the visa to enter Malaysia. Our immigration lawyer in Malaysia can offer legal assistance in this sense.
  • If the employee/personnel relocation to Malaysia is done for a temporary period, then you can apply for a temporary employment pass, which is valid for 2 years.
  • For highly skilled positions in a Malaysian company, it is necessary to obtain an employment pass.

How is the company relocation process to Malaysia?

Company owners can relocate their businesses to Malaysia, taking into account some formalities and conditions in this regard. For example, the process starts with the deregistration of the company from the country of origin. In this step, the company must be up-to-date with the payment of taxes, in order to be able to change the fiscal residence. The company must then be registered in Malaysia, adopting the appropriate structure and following the general conditions for incorporation.

And if the re-domiciliation of the company is done with employee relocation to Malaysia, this is where the formalities of obtaining visas, residence, and work permits come into question. We recommend the services offered by our law office in Malaysia if you want to bring your business to this country, including employee/personnel relocation to Malaysia.

Language requirements for personnel relocation to Malaysia

With employee relocation to Malaysia, you must consider several aspects for a good collaboration with the local authorities and more. Even if Malay is the official language in Malaysia, the country's government has repeatedly recognized the importance of English, so it is a second language. Most Malaysians speak English, so communication will not be difficult for a company owner who has employee relocation plans to Malaysia, and there is no obligation to speak Malay to live in this country.

Choosing our lawyers in Malaysia

It is important to have the services of our immigration lawyers in Malaysia at hand when planning personnel relocation to Malaysia. Our specialists can take care of immigration formalities and other essential legal aspects.

Below are some facts about immigration to Malaysia:
  • According to Macrotrends.net, around 1.499 per 1000 population is the net migration rate for Malaysia in 2023.
  • In 2022, the net migration rate in this country was about 1.518 per 1000 population.

Do you want to know more about employee/personnel relocation to Malaysia? Please contact our attorneys in Malaysia and find out the information you need on this topic.