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Updated on Friday 18th September 2020

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The Criminal Law area might be complex and hard to handle in certain circumstances, therefore, the legal advice of a criminal lawyer in Malaysia will be extremely useful. If you deal with cases of company fraud, corruption, or money laundering, you should seek immediate legal advice. One of our criminal lawyers in Malaysia can help in these cases and also in a wide range of offences. If you want to start a business in Malaysia, you can talk to our advisors.

Business crimes in Malaysia – How can we help?

The business climate is quite vulnerable in front of crimes and disputes of any kind. Some company owners might deal with corporate fraud, abuse of position, corruption, and bribery, and the consequences are quite severe and mostly lead to huge financial losses. The legal advice of a criminal lawyer in Malaysia is important in such cases because an expert knows the applicable legislation and can also explain the rights. Here are some facts and details about the business crime cases we properly handle from a legal point of view:
  • Corporate fraud – confidential company information offered to other parties in exchange for money, falsifying company documents, or misrepresenting the firm's services or products are considered frauds.
  • Accounting fraud – falsifying the accounting records of a company with the intention of not paying taxes is considered fraud.
  • False investments – using illegal methods to attract potential investors in the company is another type of fraud.
  • Abuse of position – persons having decision-making positions and using different illegal methods to obtain money and other benefits can serve years of imprisonment if found guilty.
Corporate fraud can have different forms and sometimes cannot be detected for years. However, if persons are accused of business crimes, it is important to have the legal support of a Malaysian criminal lawyer. Our team of experts has experience criminal fraud and business crimes, so feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

The authorities that prosecute business crimes in Malaysia

According to the Criminal Procedure Code in Malaysia, all the criminal proceedings and prosecutions are controlled by the Public Prosecutor. Moreover, there are different enforcement authorities in charge of a wide range of criminal activities, among which, we mention the following:
  1. CCM – the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
  2. MACC – the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
  3. CCID – the Commercial Crime Investigation Department.
  4. SC – the Security Commission.
  5. BNM – the Central Bank of Malaysia.
The activities of CCM involve the control of the ways in which companies conduct and promote business activities, with respect to the enforceable laws and, regulations. As for market manipulation and insider trading, these enter the responsibilities of the Security Commission, under the rules of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Money laundering crime cases enter the attention of the Central Bank of Malaysia, the institution that oversees the financial operations and that can make a series of investigations.

Other business crimes that enter the attention of our criminal lawyers in Malaysia

Stock market manipulation, dissemination of information about illegal transactions, offering false statements, false trading, and the use of manipulative devices for gaining personal financial benefits are serious business crimes for which persons found guilty can face serious years of imprisonment. You should talk to one of our criminal lawyers in Malaysia and find out more about the legal advice and representation he/she can offer.

Making investments in Malaysia

Malaysia is an appealing business destination in Asia that provides a great environment for investments of any kind. The economic stability is a big plus, along with a skilled workforce, well-developed business sectors, a great infrastructure, and a wide range of business possibilities. The pro-business governmental policies are appealing to international investors, and the following facts and figures might attract the attention of entrepreneurs from abroad:
  • About USD 169 billion was the total FDI stock for Malaysia in 2019.
  • Most of the foreign investments in Malaysia come from countries like the USA, Japan, China, and Singapore.
  • The 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks Malaysia 12th out of 190 economies in the world.
  • The manufacturing industry is highly sustained by the investments that come from China.
Those interested in the legal services offered by a criminal lawyer in Malaysia can contact our team at any time. Our law firm in Malaysia can help foreign entrepreneurs start a business in this country.