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Updated on Monday 27th May 2024

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The Criminal Law area might be complex and hard to handle in certain circumstances, therefore, the legal advice of a criminal lawyer in Malaysia will be extremely useful. If you deal with cases of company fraud, corruption, or money laundering, you should seek immediate legal advice. One of our criminal lawyers in Malaysia can help in these cases and also in a wide range of offences. If you want to start a business in Malaysia, you can talk to our advisors, including our immigration lawyers in Malaysia for relocation.
 Quick Facts  
When you need a criminal lawyer in Malaysia

Persons accused of crimes in Malaysia must be represented by an attorney.

Legislation covering the criminal offences in Malaysia

- Penal Code of Malaysia,

- Criminal Procedure Code 

Types of crimes for which legal advice is required

- corruption,

- financial fraud,

- corporate fraud,

- illegal transaction,

- possession and consumption of drugs,

- robbery,

- murder, etc.

We represent our clients in sexual crimes offences (YES/NO)


Legal advice for accusations of human trafficking 

Our criminal lawyers in Malaysia can represent clients in the court of law.

We represent companies involved in money landering cases (YES/NO)


Defence strategies for self-defence cases involving murder

- verification of circumstances, police reports and witness declarations,

- collaboration with the prosecutor in charge,

- apllication for custody release

Support at the police station 

Our criminal lawyer in Malaysia can explain the rights of persons found in police custody.

Legal advice for persons caught driving under the influence of drugs (YES/NO)


Representation for minors accused of crimes in Malaysia (YES/NO) Yes
Rights of individuals accused of offences in Malaysia


Support for appealing a verdict (YES/NO)


We provide free case evaluation (YES/NO)


Support for bail application (YES/NO)


We represent persons involved in domestic abuse cases (YES/NO)


Business crimes in Malaysia – How can we help?

The business climate is quite vulnerable in front of crimes and disputes of any kind. Some company owners might deal with corporate fraud, abuse of position, corruption, and bribery, and the consequences are quite severe and mostly lead to huge financial losses. The legal advice of a criminal lawyer in Malaysia is important in such cases because an expert knows the applicable legislation and can also explain the rights. Here are some facts and details about the business crime cases we properly handle from a legal point of view:
  • Corporate fraud – confidential company information offered to other parties in exchange for money, falsifying company documents, or misrepresenting the firm's services or products are considered frauds.
  • Accounting fraud – falsifying the accounting records of a company with the intention of not paying taxes is considered fraud.
  • False investments – using illegal methods to attract potential investors in the company is another type of fraud.
  • Abuse of position – persons having decision-making positions and using different illegal methods to obtain money and other benefits can serve years of imprisonment if found guilty.
Corporate fraud can have different forms and sometimes cannot be detected for years. However, if persons are accused of business crimes, it is important to have the legal support of a Malaysian criminal lawyer. Our team of experts has experience in criminal fraud and business crimes, so feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Please contact our criminal law firm in Malaysia and also watch the following video presentation:

The authorities that prosecute business crimes in Malaysia

According to the Criminal Procedure Code in Malaysia, all the criminal proceedings and prosecutions are controlled by the Public Prosecutor. Moreover, there are different enforcement authorities in charge of a wide range of criminal activities, among which, we mention the following:
  1. CCM – the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
  2. MACC – the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
  3. CCID – the Commercial Crime Investigation Department.
  4. SC – the Security Commission.
  5. BNM – the Central Bank of Malaysia.
The activities of CCM involve the control of the ways in which companies conduct and promote business activities, with respect to the enforceable laws and, regulations. As for market manipulation and insider trading, these enter the responsibilities of the Security Commission, under the rules of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Money laundering crime cases enter the attention of the Central Bank of Malaysia, the institution that oversees the financial operations and that can make a series of investigations. Talk to our criminal lawyer in Penang for complete details.

Looking for residency in Malaysia? We advise interested persons to contact our lawyers to benefit from specialized legal advice. We can take care of the preparation of the documents and the supervision of the process, being in constant communication both with the clients and with the relevant authorities. We come with the clarification that there is no temporary residence permit, it is issued for an indefinite period, an advantage for interested foreign citizens.

Representation for corporate fraud in Malaysia

Our criminal law firm in Malaysia often deals with corporate fraud and companies involved in such activities. Legal representation in such a situation can indeed be complicated, especially since clear evidence is needed to be able to start proceedings and provide certain defense strategies. But let's take a look at some aspects of corporate fraud, noting that our Malaysian criminal lawyer can give you the support you need in this situation:
  • Companies involved in illegal or dishonest activities to make money may be involved in corporate fraud.
  • False accounting of a company or presentation of products and services that do not actually exist are other cases of corporate fraud. Our criminal law firm in KL can represent you.
  • Accessing information classified as secret and offering it in exchange for material goods is another type of corporate fraud that you may encounter in Malaysia in the field of business.
  • Illegal business practices for gaining money are for sure a type of fraud. You can discuss more on this topic with our criminal lawyers in Malaysia.
  • Elaborated fraud schemes might be hard to detect. In some cases, this type of crime can be discovered even after a few years.
  • Failure to pay taxes or fraudulent accounting inflows and outflows is tax fraud.

These are just a few examples of corporate fraud common in business anywhere in the world, including Malaysia. But if you are a pet owner and you are accused of fraud, we recommend that you talk to a criminal lawyer in Penang. We have experience in this field and our criminal law firm in Malaysia is at your disposal. Plus, if you need information on immigration to Malaysia you can get in touch with us.

You can also watch the following infographic on this subject:

Accused of investment fraud? Talk to our criminal lawyers in Malaysia

Investment frauds are common in the business world, and unfortunately, there are so many methods that sometimes real investigations are needed. These practices involve false investments in real estate, currency, stocks, or commodities, to name a few. The best known are pyramid schemes, and the mechanism is quite simple. This involves a small investment made by several participants, who are promised huge profits in a relatively short time. In reality, however, those involved in this type of investment fraud scheme run out of money because the investments are not returned. What is important to know is that business owners can be involved in such fraud schemes, especially those with little or no experience. 

Our criminal lawyers in Malaysia can represent both the people accused of investment fraud and the victims who have fallen into the trap of this type of crime. Get in touch with our criminal law firm in KL and see how you can be helped legally.

We also remind the support of our immigration lawyers in Malaysia who can guide you throughout the process. They can also help foreigners interested in citizenship in Malaysia.

Pension fund fraud, a crime for which imprisonment is issued

Pension fund fraud is another example of a crime that you may face at some point. There have been cases in which people have discovered that their pension fund, for which they have worked all their lives, has been defrauded. This can happen in both public and private environments and here we refer to financial institutions that offer private pensions and have the opportunity to invest this money. Once these funds are defrauded, people discover that they can no longer receive a pension when they retire.

If you are facing such issues or if you have been accused of fraudulent pension funds, we recommend that you contact our criminal law firm in KL and find out how you can be legally represented. Our criminal lawyer in Penang, who has experience in financial fraud, can also help you.

Foreigners interested in immigration to Malaysia can be assisted by one of our lawyers in Malaysia. With specialized help, you can benefit from a simple and fast process, for they will take care of all the formalities, namely the preparation of the documents and their submission to the relevant authorities. People who have accepted a job in this country will need a work permit in order to be legal. A copy of the employment contract provided by the employer will be requested here.

How to avoid debit card fraud

Bank card fraud is a crime on the agenda. In most cases, it is the elderly who fall into the trap of criminals, but it is not necessarily a rule. Hackers manage to take possession of the details of an account and bank cardholder through various methods. For example, emails that seem to be signed by an official financial institution, a company, or an individual asking for various sums of money in exchange for spectacular earnings should make you think more, especially if personal data is also required. Avoid offering the PIN of your card or bank account so you won't deal with the situation in which the money is stolen from the account.

Any suspicious email or link requesting personal information should prompt you to ask questions. The recommendation is to report to the local authorities and especially to contact our Malaysian criminal lawyer for legal advice.

Other business crimes that enter the attention of our criminal lawyers in Malaysia

Stock market manipulation, dissemination of information about illegal transactions, offering false statements, false trading, and the use of manipulative devices for gaining personal financial benefits are serious business crimes for which persons found guilty can face serious years of imprisonment. You should talk to one of our criminal lawyers in Malaysia and find out more about the legal advice and representation he/she can offer.

Our corporate lawyer in Malaysia can provide you with legal support if you face commercial litigation. Moreover, our specialist is at your disposal if you want to appeal a verdict in a corporate issue or if you would like to know the terms and conditions for mergers and acquisitions made in this country. Our expert can professionally offer optimal solutions, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you need representation.

Making investments in Malaysia

Malaysia is an appealing business destination in Asia that provides a great environment for investments of any kind. Economic stability is a big plus, along with a skilled workforce, well-developed business sectors, a great infrastructure, and a wide range of business possibilities. The pro-business governmental policies are appealing to international investors, and the following facts and figures might attract the attention of entrepreneurs from abroad:
  • About USD 169 billion was the total FDI stock for Malaysia in 2019.
  • Most of the foreign investments in Malaysia come from countries like the USA, Japan, China, and Singapore.
  • The 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks Malaysia 12th out of 190 economies in the world.
  • The manufacturing industry is highly sustained by the investments that come from China.
Those interested in the legal services offered by our criminal lawyers in Malaysia can contact our team at any time. Our law firm in Malaysia can help foreign entrepreneurs start a business, and provide details about immigration to Malaysia.