Construction Lawyer in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 04th March 2021

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Comprehensive legal advice and assistance are provided by our experienced construction lawyer in Malaysia for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in this field. We offer market-leading support and assistance for all construction and real estate projects starting from the very beginning, in order to understand better the applicable laws in this prolific sector.

How can a construction lawyer in Malaysia help you?

A construction lawyer in Malaysia handles a wide range of legal aspects related to this sector. Our advisor can offer legal assistance and support to foreign and local entrepreneurs who want to open a construction company in Malaysia by handling all the formalities implicated. Other important legal areas might concern business persons in Malaysia at a certain time:
  1. Construction project delays – a delay in a construction project might have a serious impact on a business. Our construction lawyer in Malaysia will attentively analyze the situation and propose specific legal actions.
  2. Defects price rectification - There are cases in which rectification costs are imposed for varied flaws or shortcomings. Such aspects can be handled by our specialist in the construction field in Malaysia.
  3. Support for payments – Keeping the business running means receiving varied payments for the services provided. Otherwise, payment claims can enter the discussion. One of our construction lawyers in Malaysia can offer assistance and legal support.
  4. Solving disputes – Unfortunately, the construction sector deals with different types of disputes that can only be handled by a specialist in the field. We have experience in litigation cases in the construction sector and we can provide suitable solutions for the best interest of our clients.

These are a few of the construction-related legal aspects our construction lawyers in Malaysia can handle. It is quite recommended to have the support of a specialist in this field when starting a construction company in Malaysia or getting involved in such a project. Feel free to discuss all the legal matters with our advisors.

We can provide support for construction agreements

A construction contract is subject to varied provisions and conditions that must be implemented in accordance with the existing rules and regulations in the field. Standard and tailor-made agreements can be verified by our construction lawyer in Malaysia who can also provide consultancy services in this matter. The parties involved in a contract must understand and respect the legal terms before signing it, and our experts will make sure that the conditions are properly explained from the start. Operation and maintenance contracts, subcontracts, and project management deals can also be verified by our specialists, so feel free to discuss all the details with our Malaysian construction lawyer.

Opening a construction company in Malaysia

A construction company incorporation in Malaysia starts with a series of documents, procedures, and approvals in the first place. Besides the classic registration process of a company in Malaysia, there are also other formalities to respect:
  • A local director needs to be appointed for a construction company in Malaysia.
  • The Construction Industry Development Board issues the required licenses for this type of business.
  • A construction company needs to be registered for tax purposes, just like any entity available for incorporation in Malaysia.
  • You can benefit from the services of a construction lawyer in Malaysia who can represent your firm.
The limited liability company might be the ideal business form for a construction company in Malaysia, however, foreigners can also set up foreign-owned companies in Malaysia. Regardless of the chosen business structure for a construction company in Malaysia, we suggest you address your inquiries to our Malaysian team of lawyers and find out more about the legal advice and support they can offer in this field. Below you can discover a few facts and figures about the real estate sector in Malaysia:
  1. According to the Department of Statistics in Malaysia, there were around 7.2 million households in Malaysia.
  2. Nearly 5.7 million residential houses are in Malaysia, according to the same statistics.
  3. Around 291,000 commercial residences are built in Malaysia, according to the Household Income Survey 2019 issued by the same department.

Interested in the services of a construction lawyer in Malaysia? Please feel free to contact our specialists and ask for comprehensive legal support and guidance.