Company Secretary in Malaysia

Updated on Thursday 04th January 2018

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Companies are required to have a company secretary in Malaysia who must be a resident and must fulfill certain conditions for qualification and competency.

The experts at our law firm in Malaysia can help you with complete company secretarial services as well as the understanding of the legal duties and responsibilities that arise.

The duties of a company secretary in Malaysia

The Company Law in Malaysia requires that all companies have at least one company secretary. This also applies to the popular business form which is the private limited liability, preferred by many investors.

The main role of the company secretary in Malaysia is to ensure the compliance with the statutory requirements. The appointed secretary will often act as a liaison between the company and the Companies Commission through his/her duties to submit the statutory returns for the company.

Additional duties include the proper keeping of the secretarial records, the preparation of resolutions and the annual returns of the company as well as attending the Board Meetings and the General Meetings.

Our attorneys in Malaysia can provide these services and much more, including those related to changing the Articles of Association, transferring shares and general company advisory services, as needed especially during some Board or General meetings.

The company director in Malaysia is the one who can change or terminate the function of the company secretary. This action is generally undertaken when the director finds that the secretary has failed to provide the needed services or to observe the duties.

Company secretarial services in Malaysia

Our lawyers in Malaysia provide an extensive range of services that includes, but is not limited to, company secretarial services.

As part of our package, you will receive complete company formation and registration services and secretarial assistance in all matters related to company management and compliance.

You can contact our law firm in Malaysia for detailed information on how we can help you incorporate a company and manage it according to the local rules and regulations.