Citizenship by Investment in Malaysia

Updated on Tuesday 15th February 2022

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Malaysian citizenship by investment is not offered in Malaysia through a specific program, however, foreigners can apply for permanent residence and stay in the country as long as they want. On the other hand, citizenship in Malaysia can be obtained considering a few important requirements that can be explained by our immigration lawyers in Malaysia. We are here to help you immigrate to Malaysia by handling the formalities imposed in this country.
 Quick Facts  
Nationalities accepted 


Business investment option 


Real estate investment option 


Other investment options (if available) Business
Residence or direct citizenship option

Points-based system

Direct immigration with family members 


Family members allowed to join the program

- children,

- parents,

- spouse

Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment

10 years/ 5 years

Dual citizenship permitted 


Reasons to choose Malaysia

- ease of doing business,

- incentives,

- strategic geographic location,

- great infrastructure

Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries)


Around 140

Malaysian citizenship by investment explained

Although there is no specific program to buy citizenship in Malaysia as a foreign national who invests in this country, this status can be obtained under other conditions. Malaysia My Second Home or MM2H is a program implemented by the authorities that aim to attract foreign investors who want to relocate to Malaysia and obtain permanent residence in this country. Here are some important MM2H rules to consider:
  • A deposit of RM 1 million in a bank account in Malaysia is the first step for residency in this country.
  • An additional contribution of RM 50,000 for applicants between the ages of 35 and 49 is required for each family member.
  • Buying liquid assets worth at least RM 1.5 million is another condition for accessing the MM2H program.

Once the above conditions are met, applicants can enjoy residency by investment in Malaysia, an alternative to Malaysian citizenship by investment that allows them to settle in Malaysia without any restrictions. We remind you that there is no specific program for foreign citizens to obtain citizenship by investment in Malaysia, but MM2H is the optimal solution for immigrants in Malaysia and enjoy the benefits. We invite you to talk to our Malaysian lawyers and find out all the details about how to move to Malaysia.

Gaining citizenship in Malaysia

Eligibility criteria for obtaining citizenship in Malaysia are clear and straightforward, and among these, we mention that applicants must be at least 21 years old and have already lived in this country for at least 10 years. Knowledge of the Malay language is an important condition that is part of the process of citizenship in Malaysia by naturalization.

The institution that verifies the necessary documents that are part of the citizenship application is the National Registration Office in Malaysia. In addition to the standard forms with personal information, the authorities also require the birth certificate, the marriage certificate if applicable, and an entry permit for Malaysia. It is important to note that the Malaysian authorities may reject applications for citizenship if all criteria are not met, especially those for language skills and documents. It is best to talk to a lawyer in Malaysia and find out in detail the formalities for obtaining citizenship in Malaysia, either by naturalization or by birth, if at least one of the parents is from Malaysia. We also remind you that citizenship by investment in Malaysia is not possible, but those interested can apply for Malaysia My Second Home, a program designed to offer a number of benefits to those who invest in this country or who prove a sum of money in the account. You can learn more about how to relocate to Malaysia from our immigration specialists.

Citizenship by birth in Malaysia

Children born to Malaysian parents who have another place of residence may apply for citizenship by birth in Malaysia. In other words, it is not the place of birth that matters, but the origin of the parents in order to successfully apply for citizenship in Malaysia. In this regard, proof must be provided that the parents were born in Malaysia with the help of birth certificates and other relevant documents. Normally, citizenship by birth is a much simpler process compared to citizenship by naturalization in Malaysia. And since the citizenship by investment in Malaysia program does not exist, foreigners have another alternative to living in this country and gaining citizenship.

Here are some statistics about immigration to Malaysia, but also about the population of this country:
  • Malaysia's population is over 32 million, according to
  • More than 3.43 million immigrants were registered in Malaysia in 2019.
  • About 45% of immigrants chose Malaysia for family reunification, while another 23.6% took this step for a new career.

We invite you to contact our law office in Malaysia for details on Malaysian citizenship by investment. Our specialists can help you move to Malaysia in a fast and reliable manner.